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Big Sexy Dallas arm lock pecs chest

Big Sexy vs Dallas - No Holds Barred 02

$ 22.22
$ 25.95

Our first wrestling match with high stakes! Loser has to be the winners slave for a day...
Big Sexy and Dallas shove each other around by the pool then Big Sexy smacks Dallas in the face just before putting him up against the post and gut punching him. Big Sexy pulls Dallas up by the arms into an ab stretch then into a reverse bear hug. Then he puts Dallas into a headlock and reaches around to claw his pec, followed by a reverse headlock. After they lock up briefly, Dallas bear hugs Big Sexy, then throws him on the mat, where he slaps him, then leg scissors Big Sexy's head. Dallas puts Big Sexy in a schoolboy pin. Big Sexy knocks Dallas back and locks his legs around his ankles, then punishes Dallas with his foot. Big Sexy comes up behind Dallas and puts him in a headlock, then locks his legs around Dallas's head while standing after that doesn't get a submission he lays down, keeping Dallas in a headlock. Big Sexy pulls Dallas's arms up over his head, then pulls his legs up and yells out, "Make a wish..." and splits Dallas in a violent throw down of his legs. While Dallas is on all fours crawling away, Big Sexy comes up grabs his arm and stretches it backwards. Dallas breaks free, punches Big Sexy in the chest, gives him a wedgie, then flips him up backwards into a pile driver. After Big Sexy recovers, he grabs Dallas in a choke lift, then drops him on the mat. Big Sexy picks Dallas up in a fireman's carry, drops him onto his knee for a back breaker, then drops him and puts him in a cradle pin. Big Sexy continues his punishment by stretching Dallas out with a standing arm bar, drops him, puts him in a banana split, then uses a few special dirty tricks to punish him. Big Sexy puts Dallas in a boston crab, then lays back and lifts Dallas up into a Mexican table hold. Dallas ends up on his back, Big Sexy grabs his neck and leg, stretches his knee up to his nose. Big Sexy bear hugs Dallas, drops him, then jumps up to lands on top of him. He then ankle locks him trying to get the submission. When that doesn't work, Big Sexy puts Dallas in a banana split, followed by a leg scissors around his waist. Big Sexy tries to pick Dallas up in a fireman's carry, drops him and steps on his neck. You won't want to miss how this match ends, get it for your collection tonight!