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Big Sexy Dallas  over the knee backbreaker pecs chest tattoos

Big Sexy vs Dallas Revenge - No Holds Barred 11

$ 31.25

Dallas is back and delivering pizza for a living only to find out that his next delivery is to Big Sexy. As things start off, calm and cool, the two find out they still hate each other with a passion. As they sit eating pizza together things start to heat up between the two as they bicker back and forth over the previous encounter.Dallas intentionally keeps pushing Big Sexy's limits to start a fight so he can get his revenge. Finally Big Sexy gets up in a fit and demands Dallas out onto the mat to teach him a lesson once again. But things don't go as planned for Big sexy, as Dallas is now used to Big Sexy's wrestling techniques. As the two battle it out, it seems Big sexy has bitten off more than he can chew this time. Dallas is determined not to let Big Sexy win again. With rage in his eyes and an unstoppable determination to teach Big Sexy a lesson, Dallas delivers painful blows and constricting holds one right after another. Big Sexy struggles to stay in the fight, trying to out endure Dallas, wearing him out over time. Dallas uses sleeper holds, bearhugs, and back breakers to wear out Big Sexy. Dallas's plan is to soften up Big Sexy so he can turn up the heat with even MORE vicious dirty tricks then Big Sexy used on him to win his last match. This is a cold calculated revenge from a person who has a lot of times on his hands to plan it out. He's been planning how he was going to humiliate Big Sexy ever since he lost the "Slave for a day" match. Now it was Big Sexy's turn to "clean the mat"...