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Big Sexy Dozer bearhug lift carry thighs tattoos chest

Big Sexy vs Dozer - Bearhug Challenge 01A

$ 22.22
$ 25.00

Big Sexy inaugurates Thunders Bear Hug Challenge series, breaking in the new kid, Dozer, at poolside. Sexy has declared himself the Bear Hug King, and Dozer figures that beating Sexy will be his ticket to popularity and fame at the Arena. Dozer sports a stockier build, with a thick muscular torso and jackhammer arms. He also comes fully equipped with a Sexy-size ego, showcasing his solid abs and asking the King, You wanna bearhug this? I don't want to, Sexy starts to reply, but changes tack midstream, saying, I mean you are kinda cute, but you're not my type. Dozer tries to get a rise out of the confident, affable Sexy, calling him skinny, but Sexy wants to get the show rolling. The question is whether these two can keep their focus on the real challenge, that is, gaining the most submissions by bear hug. Repeatedly, the match veers towards an all-out fight. Dozer, in particular, seems intent on showing off all his martial arts skills, and more than once the contest breaks out into a slugfest. Still, Dozer starts things off legit with a reverse bear hug that damn near snaps Big Sexy in half. Even while wincing in pain, Sexy shrugs off Dozers strong start, saying, You got lucky. Aint gonna happen again. We get a variety of hugs, the standard bear hug, the reverse, even one thats upside down. At one point Sexy punishes the recruit with what looks like the worlds most savage hug, chest to chest, with Sexy leaning in to let gravity do half the work on Dozers back. In the end, however, keeping it clean is just too much for these guys, and though we get a clear winner in the hug challenge, it all ends with a punishing camel clutch.