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Big sexy Hartley figure four leglock leg submission hold submit

Big Sexy vs Hartley - Battlespace 81

$ 22.22
$ 25.95

When Hartley says he doesn't like beards, particularly Sexy's beard, Sexy perversely forces Hartley to touch it. "Body hairs are gross," the newbie objects. "All you bearded guys think you're superior because you can grow a full chin of pubes." And the battle, as they say, is on. Sexy gains a quick advantage. He may be the one man in underground wrestling, bearded or not, who could credibly gain an advantage on this guy. The long, slow arm bar he clamps on Hartley is especially tasty. Hartley reverses by clawing across Sexy's eyes, a heel move that never fails to generate heat. Then he snapmares Sexy to the mat and locks back his arms in agony. Back on his feet, Sexy reasserts his supremacy (I almost wrote "inserts": just thinking wishfully, I guess) with a couple of sharp knee jabs to Hartley's ribs. Then he heaves the smooth-skinned villain up on his shoulders, adding two or three cracks to the man's spinal column. For the next few minutes, Sexy musses up the new pretty boy but good. At the match's midpoint, Hartley escapes a murderous bearhug by ramrodding his elbow to the side of his opponent's head. The action rolls like thunder from this point on. A ring match could hardly be better than what we get here on a basic wrestling mat in Mr. Mike's garage. The two are well paired, only five pounds of difference, and the give and take lasts through the 24-minute contest, climaxing with a spectacular knockout piledriver.