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Big Sexy vs Impact - Halloween Havoc 2014

$ 28.88
$ 31.59

This futuristic match features two wrestlers decked out in robot-inspired costumes and starts off with a classic mercy contest. Borg in the black suit and Droid in the white suit fight back and forth, bringing the other to his knees three times each. Borg tires of the game and takes a cheap shot, kicking Droid in the stomach. Droid is stunned and lacking for air as Borg picks him up and body slams him to the mat, further knocking the air from his lungs. Borg continues his assualt and uses his dark suit to his advantage as he claps and the light in the room is switched to blacklight. Borg all but disappears while Droid is lit up in neon glory. Borg eludes Droid who fumbles in the darkness as Droid taunts him, "Can't see me in this light, can you?". Borg emerges from his concealment in the darkness and attacks Droid with a camel clutch. Droid pulls Borg to his feet and quickly subdues him with a full nelson and then a relentless series of body slams. Borg again taunts Droid stating, "I don't know who you are, but I already know I don't like you." before squeezing him in a back to front bear hug, lifting Droid off the mat and crushing his ribs. Borg doesn't ease up as he again goes for a series of body slams before retreating into the darkness again. Droid searches in the darkness, reaching out in the hopes of grasping a limb while Borg messes with him like a child playing "Marco Polo". Borg attacks again, using his camouflage in the blackness and gets Droid into another full nelson, lifting the latter up onto his toes. The dark suited Borg, throes Droid to the mat and punishes him with body scissors and a Boston crab. Droid recovers just enough to take the offensive and jumps onto Borg, stripping him from his concealing suit and revealing a pair of multi-colored neon trunks. Borg's camouflage is lost and now Droid has a target in the darkness. This first ever black light match erupts with non stop action and slams and brutal submission holds you will not want to miss. Plus on the reveal who is wearing these suits you will find a fan favorite wrestler you have not seen for 2 years! He is back and he has 30 lbs more muscle!