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big sexy kid titan armlock armbar arm submission hold submit thunders arena

Big Sexy vs Kid Titan - Bodybuilder Battle 73

$ 16.99
$ 25.95

Cocky Kid Titan walks up to Big Sexy, asking who he is and saying he heard Big Sexy is the best. As Kid Titan tries to provoke a fight, Big Sexy remains silent, even putting his finger to his lips to indicate that Kid Titan should be quiet. Frustrated that Big Sexy is ignoring him, Kid Titan shows his power by putting Big Sexy in a one armed Bear hug. Big Sexy easily deflects Kid Titans attack by throwing him to the mat, locking on an arm bar and giving Kid Titan a few slaps to the chest to let him know who is in control. Then in workman like fashion, Big Sexy puts poor Kid Titan into a series of painful holds, including a camel clutch and some scissor holds, Kid Titan moaning in pain the whole time. Big Sexy shakes his head in disgust at the foolish Kid Titan as Big Sexy easily punishes the youngster. Big Sexy pauses to kiss his bicep and relaxes with his hands behind his head as he administers one painful hold after another, totally dominating the handsome young hunk. Big Sexy picks him up with a two handed choke and then applies a series of painful over the shoulder holds. Next is a crippling belly to back bear hug, locked on long and solid, followed by a brutal full nelson. Slamming the barely conscious Kid Titan to the mat, Big Sexy begins a methodical assault on his legs and back, followed by a school boy pin. The punishment continues as Big Sexy slams Kid Titans head into a door then returns the disrespectful punk to the mat for more punishing holds, this time working on Kid Titans arms and shoulders. Gut punches are followed by an over shoulder backbreaker. Big Sexy tells Kid Titan to give, but the tough hunk refuses, instead screaming in pain as Big Sexy applies pressure. Ultimately, Titan does submit, pathetically gasping I give several times before Big Sexy drops him to the mat like a sack of potatoes. After strutting around the mat, Big Sexy picks Titan up for some more punishment, this time with verbal abuse. He asks Kid Titan if he is still going to challenge Big Sexy now, asks why hes not talking shit anymore and calls him a punk ass little bitch as he applies hold after hold, including a bear hug and an over the knee backbreaker. Its a shameless display of domination by Big Sexy, completely humiliating the once cocky Kid Titan. The painful humiliation continues for poor Kid Titan as Big Sexy spreads his legs apart and plants his foot right in the family jewels, then he rolls him over for another dirty shot and a wedgey with Kid Titans skimpy posers. There are lots of close up camera shots as Big Sexy carries out this total destruction of Kid Titans hot, muscular body. Big Sexy shoves Titans face into Big Sexys muscular arm and chest telling him, This is what you were challenging. A belly to belly bear hug, a few head buts to the stomach, a two handed choke and a crotch-in-the-face-leg-lock on Kid Titans head are next in Big Sexys total destruction of Kid Titan. Big Sexy even steps on Kid Titans stomach as he walks around the mat. When Big Sexy is finally done with his domination and humiliation of Kid Titan, he grabs a bottle of water. As he takes a drink, he gets dizzy. When Kid Titan asks How does it taste, Sexy realizes hes been drugged. As Big Sexy struggles to stay standing, Kid Titan locks on a sleeper and finally gets some revenge. If you like watching a handsome muscle hunk get totally dominated by a cocky, muscular, wrestling champion, you have to get this video. Its pretty amazing.