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Big Sexy Kratos pin crush squash bodyscissors

Big Sexy vs Kratos - Rough & Ready 47

$ 22.22
$ 25.00

Thickly muscled power lifter Kratos is trying to work through an injury to his shoulder. Big Sexy offers to give the big guy some rehab advice. Cocky Kratos is skeptical, saying guys like Big Sexy always want to give him advice. After Big Sexy complements Kratos on his impressive body, telling him he is a mountain of masculinity Kratos grudgingly accepts some of Big Sexys advice. But when Big Sexy criticizes Kratos beard, and tells Kratos he can touch Big Sexys beard, Kratos immediately wants to take it to the mat. These two Alpha studs are both used to having their way with opponents, and this is one tough, sweaty, hard fought match with lots of action on the ground and on their feet. From the start, Big Sexy takes advantage of Kratos injured shoulder. Over and over throughout the match he tortures Kratos with punishing holds, pokes, elbow smashes and punches to Kratos thickly muscled, but tender shoulder, making the big muscle beast scream in pain. The first time Sexy uses the tactic, Kratos is furious and warns Big Sexy, Just wait til I get out. Big Sexy also keeps up the wisecracks comparing their beards. All that beard and no power. Sexy even rubs his beard in Kratos face. Despite the injured shoulder, Kratos is repeatedly able to muscle Big Sexy down to the mat and apply his massive legs in a scissors. More than once he uses his muscle weight to sit on Sexys stomach with his tree trunk legs straddling Sexy while he pins his arms to the mat. Kratos loves being in control of an opponent and whenever he is on top he humiliates Sexy by asking What are you gonna do now, huh? or Look where you are now. They exchange takedowns repeatedly, and apply scissors holds to body and neck, slap on bear hugs, full nelsons and roll each other up in cradles. Even when these two powerful hunks break, its still hot to watch as they put their incredible bodies on display strutting round the mat, stalking their opponent. The pain these guys endure is incredible. When Big Sexy locks Kratos in a camel clutch, Kratos yells no, no as he the pain hits his injured shoulder. Big Sexy almost blacks out as powerful Kratos grabs him by the throat with both hands, lifts him off the mat and walks around. Then the big bruiser asks Sexy whats wrong as he gasps for breath. Big Sexy remains a cocky wise guy throughout, and he even tickles Kratos belly and armpit while he has him in a hold. At one point when he has Kratos down and winded, he sits on Kratos back, pulls Kratos arm between Big Sexys legs and compares Kratos forearm to what Big Sexy has in his trunks. But beefy powerhouse Kratos bursts out of that humiliating hold, locks big Sexy up in a cradle and calls him his little bitch. Kratos uses his massive legs to full advantage, applying one of his favorite and most deadly holds. He puts Big Sexys head in between his massive thighs in a standing head scissors, laughing and flexing his huge guns and chest while he all but crushes Sexys head with the incredible power in his legs. The competition is fierce and these guys go move for move. When Big Sexy gets Kratos in an arm bar, Kratos uses the same move on Sexy, flexing and telling Big Sexy to look at Kratos muscles. When Big Sexy gets Kratos into an over the knee back breaker, Kratos reaches up and puts Sexy in a bear hug. One of these big hunks finally puts the other away with a pile driver. But is it the big powerful newcomer Kratos, or seasoned Thunders veteran Big Sexy? Get the match and find out.