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Big Sexy vs Logan - Memorial Day Mayhem 2014

$ 25.95

If you are a fan of domination and scissor holds with massive thighs battling and squeezing it out to see who will win then this is the video for you. We are introducing Logan who wanted to take on someone to give him a challenge because he takes great pride in his big legs power to head scissor and body scissor people into submission. Big Sexy prides himself on having the greatest legs in Thunder's and with his wrestling skill it was on! Big Sexy scoops up Logan like he is a rag doll and starts to rack him right out of the gate first move. That lead to even more domination of Logan with flying bear hugs and a devastating pile driver. Big Sexy continued to torture the legs with sticking his thumb into the calves of Logan while he stretched out the legs crippling Logan's lower back. Big Sexy really doesn't want to show anyone mercy as he then slammed him into the wall and did some gut punching and even then full nelson him only to throw him down and stretch Logan in an over the knee back breaker that you do not want to miss. This match has so many head scissors and even Logan manages to climb up big sexy and head scissor him while Big Sexy is standing! Now that is impressive. So much great action and domination as Big Sexy even resorts to "dirty tricks" and about rips off Logan's manhood.