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big sexy maverik bodyscissors armbar armlock arm submission hold submit

Big Sexy vs Maveric - Bodybuilder Battle 74

$ 25.95
$ 31.25

Towering muscle beast Maveric has no doubt he can dominate Big Sexy. Big Sexy is one of the most accomplished wrestlers on the Thunders roster and sees Maveric as just another big guy he will make submit. This is an amazing contest of brute force and power against one of the most impressive masters of the wrestling mat you will see anywhere. The two start out with some serious trash talk and each show off their impressive bodies with some flexing. Huge Maveric is in a tight camo square cut and Big Sexy in a pair of gold posers. They start with some intense action down on the mat and so Big Sexy manages to maintain control in the early going. When they break, Maveric bounces the big meaty pecs on his huge chest to show Big Sexy the power he is up against. When they lock up again, Maveric plays to his advantage, keeping both of them on their feet and putting Big Sexy in a crushing side headlock. He follows up with a full nelson and some painful arm and leg locks. When Big Sexy manages to get out, he puts Maveric in a full nelson, but it doesnt last long as Maveric throws Big Sexy against the wall and delivers some powerful punches to the gut. With Big Sexy reeling in pain, Maveric lifts him in a two handed choke, releasing one hand long enough to arrogantly flex his big arm. He throws Big Sexy to the mat and hammers away with some more devastating punches to the gut. As he pounds away on Big Sexy, the big tough beast says, Nobody messes with me, especially this clown. After giving Big Sexy a kick in the ribs, he puts him into another side headlock and brags, Im better than the best. Despite the brutal beating at the hands of powerful Maveric, Big Sexy has plenty of fight left in him, telling Maveric that he punches like a girl. Then he maneuvers quickly and applies a bear hug from behind. As Maveric feels Big Sexys powerful bear hug, he admits that Big Sexy is stronger than he thought. Big Sexy takes the action down to the mat and locks the big man in a side headlock. But Maverick again lands some powerful punches to Big Sexys ribs, which are already hurting and tender from the beating they have taken from the merciless Maveric. Big Sexy is clearly in pain as Maveric again puts him against the wall with another two handed choke. Then the big beast throws Big Sexy down, sits on him and punches away at his chest. Big Sexy counters with a leg scissors on Maverics big torso. The two exchange punches in an effort to dominate. After they break, Big Sexy rallies and gets the big beast in a headlock from behind and tries to put the big man to sleep. Then he manages to get Maveric down on the mat and holds him there by forcing Maverics right arm over his neck. Its a humiliating hold for the big man and hes eager for payback as he breaks out, flips Big Sexy to the mat and punishes the wrestler with some more punches to the gut. With Big Sexy grabbing his ribs in agony, Maveric grunts at him to get up then flexes his huge guns and says Nobody messes with me. Big Sexy gets to his feet, but Maverics brutal punishment has clearly taken a toll on the tough wrestlers body. Eager to continue his physical domination of Big Sexy, Maveric puts him in a gorilla press, drops him to the mat and then pounds Big Sexy with more jack hammer like punches to his already devastated ribs. With Big Sexy clearly beaten, Maveric arrogantly flexes his huge muscles, saying Pain is what I bring. Maveric is my name. He calls Big Sexy a nobody and asks him how he feels. When Big Sexy weakly manages to say his ribs hurt, brutal Maveric flexes and says Good. They should because you just fought this monster.