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Big sexy muscles full Nelson submission hold submit

Big Sexy vs Muscles - Battlespace 45

$ 23.49
$ 31.25

Big Sexy comes in eating onto the mat and Muscles waists no time in getting into a flex off to see who has the bigger muscles. Muscles love to make fun of Big Sexy and call him small because he knows how hard Big Sexy is trying to put on more muscle mass every day at the gym to grow bigger. This just upsets Big Sexy and they start battling it out using their favorite holds like; Full nelson, Headlock, bearhug, armbar, gorilla press, boston crab, body slam, camel clutch, body scissors, crippler cross face. This match has got a cool alternate ending we did not put into the download or on the dvd. The only place you will get to see the alternate ending for this match will be inside ThunderTV.