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Big Sexy PeeWee arm lock thighs legs

Big Sexy vs PeeWee - 2011 Auditions Video Series Part 7

$ 34.75

So why do they call him Pee Wee? The question is often raised during the audition, but the answer is never the same.  Pee Wee is a tan, tightly built bodybuilder determined to make it big at Thunders Arena. He is the kind of guy to stroll up to an audition, soaking in the sunshine and stopping to smell the flowers along the way.  But hes full of energy toopartly because hes naturally bubbly, just the way he is made, we guess, partly perhaps because hes all nerves today, anxious to wow Big Sexy and secure a spot on the roster. Big Sexy and Pee Wee appear to hit it off right away.  Pee Wees jaw drops as his eyes take the place in, amazed that hes made it as far as an audition at Thunders Arena, his dream come true!  Big Sexy is impressed as much by the guys heart and high spirits as by his good looks and monster triceps.  Asked about his stats, Pee Wee gushes, Zero and  ten.  Zero and ten?? Sexy repeats, not believing his ears.  I like being on my back a lot, Pee Wee explains matter-of-factly.  I just find myself there with my legs in the air most of the time! Okay, then. Pee Wee likes the body contact in wrestling, and he doesnt mind losing.  Losing can be as much fun as winning with the right competition.  But on the mats for a tryout, Pee Wee gets the takedown, snagging Sexys leg and tossing him.  Its a clean move, and Sexys impressed, and rather charmed by the guy too, but then he asks what Pee Wee has by way of a followupany moves that might press an opponents shoulders to the mat, for instance?  Pee Wee rolls him over into an easy Saturday night ride.  He chuckles good-naturedly the whole time.  Clearly, his heart isnt into dominating Sexynot yet, anyway. Sexy nods and tells Pee Wee hes got some good stuff, better than a lot of the guys who have auditioned. He runs the guy through a series of wrestling moves and holds, just to give him a taste of the sort of action Thunders fans likethe guillotine, for instance, and the figure-four headlockwhich Pee Wee enjoys so much that he cant seem to get enough of it. Sexy goes easy on the guy at first, but then he gives him an adult dose of Sexy, too, showing him a few tricks for hurting an opponent and making him submit.  Theres a lot of give-and-takegood will aboundsand, in the end, Pee Wee shows Big Sexy that, even with his simple, happy-go-lucky attitude, hes got what it takes to tussle.