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Big Sexy vs Python - Bearhug Challenge 06

$ 34.75

Big Sexy starts off speaking to the ThundersArena audience about a new 10 minute bearhug challenge with himself and Python. Big Sexy definitely has a score to settle with Python, who interfered in his match with the new guy Izzy even if it's just a 10 minute bearhug match. The match starts off with the test of strength before getting to the bearhugs. They do that for about a minute until Big Sexy grabs onto Python by the waist and starts to squeeze him really tight, hoping to get him to submit and giving Big Sexy the first point of the match. Eventually after Python struggles to get loose from Big Sexy's grip, he pushes off of him and then quickly gets Big Sexy in his first bearhug of the match. Throughout the match they are both fighting to get the other one to give up but neither man is ready to let that happen. But in the end, only one of them will be the Victor?