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Big Sexy vs Python - Mat Wars 33

$ 22.22
$ 25.00

Pythons perpetual tardiness is now making Big Sexy late for a very  important dinner date. Though both states are in the South and, for the most part, in the Eastern Time Zone, it would appear that Virginia time

runs a whole lot slower than Florida time. Sexy chews the sweet, shy Virginian out when he finally does show up for their scheduled match. But then Sexy stalls a little longer to chat with his fans in TV-land. He explains that the beard is now gone because everybodys missed this face and points out, with some care and attention to detail, the perfections of his smooth, glimmering physique. In turn, he bags on Pythons smallness in stature, comparing him to Marty Party, and even insults the wrestlers steely arms, impressive to anybody but Sexy, who calls them, at best, decent. If anybody makes Big Sexy late for the First Course, he makes sure the man pays for it before the Entree is served. The possibilities for humiliation and punishment are nearly endless as Sexys big and admittedly overall-perfect body rolls, bounces, stretches, smashes, and chops Pythons inferior one. Yet Python is not only durable but tough as nails as well, and even if Sexy runs the show for 90% of this match, he loses a gallon of sweat in the process. Tying Python into knots takes work! In one spectacular move, Sexy lifts Python in a standing cradle, smashing the mans mouth up against his own knees. Python reciprocates with a more traditional small package, binding and temporarily immobilizing the tall, handsome big mouth. Butand you will probably need to see this for yourself the ever-resourceful Sexy smooches his way out of this fix. In retaliation, Sexy lifts Python into the air and tries to stick his head into the spinning ceiling fan! Ultimately the brawl boils down (sorry for the pun) to a deviled egg fight, which, again, you will probably need to see to even halfway understand the whys and wherefores of it all. (And Big Sexy hates eggs!)