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Big Sexy vs Rocky Brick - Mat Rats 17

$ 31.25

Rocky Brick says he's been trained in pro wrestling by Batista over in Tampa. He also says he's trained in the ring with John Cena, well Big Sexy heard him talking about this in the Thunder Arena lounge and he called him out as a liar. BigSexy doesn't want to hear it, so he decides to carry Rocky to the mat and gives him a good slap to shut him up. He then sits on his butt while flexing for his people, followed by a bearhug and a slam. Big Sexy grabs a leg and holds on, twisting it and yanking it back thinks of a new game, make Rockys foot touch his head by bending him back. This impossible feat was not accomplished but not due to lack of trying. Big Sexy takes another moment to gloat to the people in TV land while Rocky nurses his wounds. He even pulls the camera away lettting all the people know the camera doesn't want to look at that chump. Big Sexy peels Rocky off the mat and walks him around in a front head lock. Rocky has had enough and before BS can give another speech to "his people" Rocky locks him in one long angry bearhug! When I watched this I swore you could feel the pain through the lens it was so intense. Rocky Brick begins his assault on Big Sexy kicking and hitting him while he's down, and then basically walks him around trying to detach Big Sexy's arms. Rocky lifts the BS up and holds him in a Rack and then drops him on to the mat. Big Sexy decides to stop being so cocky and get to work. Rocky gets a nice surprise that buckle him down in pain. Big Sexy now slams Rocky again and again and then takes Rockys leg and puts him in a mean one armed Boston crab and finds time to flex for the camera. Then he drops in for a nice surprise body scissors. Big Sexy crushes Rocky in his scissors forever not letting go till he taps or breaks a rib, whichever comes first. More bearhugs, then tosses BS up on the wall, choking the life out of him, in the longest choke lift we have ever filmed! Dropping him back into another long bearhug, he can't get the submission so he switches to a mean chicken wing and then walks him around with his arm and then a side headlock crushing his head. Big Sexy finally sweeps under Rockys leg and puts him in a painful rack once again not letting go till Rocky screams, "I give!"