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Big Sexy Sledge choke arms biceps

Big Sexy vs Sledge - No Holds Barred 12

$ 31.25

The fight over the Gameboy continues in this next match with Big Sexy versus Sledge. Both are determined not to let the other play with the Gameboy and so the torture begins. The match begins with some grappling and Sledge starts out with huge attitude bond and determined to dominate the match. He picks up Bis Sexy into a Fireman's Carry and puts the squeeze on him before slamming him down into the ground. Then humiliates Big Sexy with a school boy pin while slapping him around and then putting him into a chicken wing. Sledge attempts to put Big Sexy into a body scissor but Big Sexy has had enough and manages to turn around and put Sledge into a position where Big Sexy can slam him to the ground several times. Big Sexy goes for a Boston crab but Sledge won't allow it, so Big Sexy switches up his attack and puts Sledge into a leg lock. Then to take the torture even further while in the leg lock manages to also put Sledge into a one handed camel clutch. After toying with his victim for awhile Big Sexy lets Sledge up off the ground. Bad move! Sledge springs up and puts Big Sexy into a bear hug crushing Big Sexy's ribs so tight we thought he would break. Then after a long squeeze Sledge slams Big Sexy to the ground and puts him into a cradle. What goes in must come out as he switches up and puts Big sexy into a Surfboard, arching Big Sexy backwards. Still the dirty tricks come out when Sledge gets Big Sexy in a dragon sleeper and then adds his own twist to the move. Big Sexy is no saint in this match as well since he takes advantage by dirty moves whenever he can. We thought Sledge was a good boy character but he can be as bad as the rest when push comes to shove, he's not afraid to cheat to get the advantage!