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Big Sexy vs TAK - Christmas Chaos 2011A

Big Sexy vs TAK - Christmas Chaos 2011A

$ 25.00

It's Part 2 of the Christmas Chaos Showdown with Big Sexy vs Tak. The rookie steals Big Sexy's Christmas hat and puts it on. "You're not allowed to wear the hat. My aunt gave me that!" COMMANDS Big Sexy. "What you gonna do about it?" 
Big Sexy HEADLOCKS Tak lifting him up and down SQUEEZING the air out of his neck. Next up a POWERSLAM! Big Sexy wants to embarrass his pathetic victim, grabs a red garland Christmas tree, and puts it on Tak's head. "It's Cindy Lou Who!" The veteran YANKS the rookie's arms behind his back, "How you gonna talk shit and be little?" "You may have big muscles, but I have American muscle!" moans Tak. 
Big Sexy WHIPS Tak with the Christmas tree and delivers an over the shoulder BACK BREAKER!  He then lifts Tak in a move Thunder's has never scene before: a RAZOR'S EDGE! "Your back is cracking a lot, are you alright?" mocks big Sexy. "That's all you got?" Big Sexy THROWS him down. 
Tak recovers, "You ain't got nothing on this!" Big Sexy lifts Tak onto his back UPSIDE DOWN and pins his head on his knee. "You're like a toy. I take shits bigger than you!" The vet PEC CLAWS his victim. "Those puny little hands! That's all you got?" Big Sexy decides to show how big his hands REALLY are, reaches around Tak's throat, and CHOKELIFTS him in the air! 
A SKULL-CRUSHING rear head scissors, MASSIVE fireman's carry, and devastating TOMBSTONE PILE DRIVER! "His neck can't even handle that! I think my quad is as big as your head!" scoffs Big Sexy.
Big Sexy grabs two garland Christmas trees and WHIPS Tak's back! Out of nowhere, the rookie stands up and BEARHUGS the vet. He JUMPS on Big Sexy's back, locks in a CRUCIFIX, and LOW BLOWS him to the mat. "You think you're sexy? Sexy muscles aren't gonna help you now!" Big Sexy yells, "You're so screwed!" Tak shows INCREDIBLE strength and BODYSLAMS Big Sexy!
Big Sexy recovers and is ENRAGED!  An over the knee BACK BREAKER, dragon sleeper, scissors, POWERSLAMS! "This is what happens to new guys. You take a ride on the Big Sexy machine!" 
Big Sexy drops his weight on Tak's stomach and locks in a Boston crab. "Some of us aren't familiar with this move. I'm the Titanic, I'm Dominic!" mocks Big Sexy.
Dominic and Octane walk back out. We got ourselves a tag team wrestling match, and the rookies want REVENGE! The action continues with the losers being made into a REAL LIFE Christmas tree! The fun don't stop there, chocolate syrup, whipped cream, we can't give away all the details. YOU WON'T BELIEVE YOUR EYES!