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Big Sexy vs Vinny - Bearhug Challenge 09

$ 34.75

For fans of Big Sexy, this video couldnt start any better. The gorgeous wrestling master is standing in front of the pool, wearing his familiar gold and purple speedo, flexing the muscles on his awesome body, looking very Big and very Sexy. Then he points at the camera and signals with his finger to come closer. Many big Sexy fans will have to hit the pause button and take a break at this point just to cool down. Whether a fan of Big Sexy or not, most people would just give this amazing specimen of manhood plenty of space and watch in awe. But big, musclehead brawler Vinny is not most people. With all the loudmouth arrogance that Vinny fans adore in this hulking, handsome, wrestling bully, he walks right in front of Big Sexy and says Im challenging you to a bearhug challenge, bitch. After an opening like that, how can this not be one of the hottest bear hug challenges youve ever seen. Big Sexy gets in a few humiliating submission of muscleman Vinny, all of which are really hot to watch. But Vinny shows off his amazing power and ability to dominate an opponent in some of the hotter scenes in this video. The final moves are something you wont want to miss, as brawler Vinny resorts to slamming his knee into Big Sexys ribs over and over and delivers some awesome gut shots. Who walks away the champ of this bear hug challenge? Get the video and find out.