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Big sexy zman bow and arrow submission hold back

Big Sexy vs Zman - No Holds Barred 24

$ 27.95
$ 34.75

Big Sexys in the house, ready to exact revenge on male model extraordinaire Z-Man, whose list of offenses, so says the Sexy one, includes assaulting him with various foods that begin with the letter p and sicking 44 Marty Party on him in the Arenas first six-man tag team match (Battlespace 27). Z-Man is unapologetic, saying, It ain't my fault you suck ,,, You cant even beat my Mini-Me How you gonna beat

me? Sexy, bigger, more powerful than ever and stoked on rage, overpowers Zack, tosses the pretty boy around like a rag doll, and stretches him out agonizingly. But better than anyone Sexy ought to know that Z is more than just his suave good looks. Hes a scrappy fighter who wont shirk from dirty tricks to gain an advantage, and this is, after all, a no holds barred brawl. Z-Man clutches Sexy by the balls, turning the tables on the hothead. He strikes back with some strategic punches to Big Sexys abs that are stiff enough to sap some of the steam out of his bigger opponent. Zack may not have Sexys mass and muscle, but he knows a thing or two about wrestling, Thunder style, and hes sick and tired of Sexy thinking hes the boss around these parts. He puts more grunt and effort into lifting his opponent and throwing him than Sexy put into tossing him about earlier, but he gets the job done, and, in theory, Sexy will be no less beat for Z having to break a sweat beating him up. Soon both Sexy and Z dispense with the rules of fair play, and we get a classic rock-em sock-em dogfight with elbow drops, claw holds, bodyslams, kicks, chokes, Boston crabs, bearhugs, and titty twisters that turn nipples as blue as Sexys new Mohawk. Fun for everybody but the humiliated loser.