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Big Sean vs Archer - Bearhug Challenge 10

$ 25.95

Big Shawn is a new wrestler recruit sent to us by our favorite fan. Shawn has been a YouTube bodybuilder sensation since he was 17 and totally growing like a weed up to his current 235 lbs. His arms and chest are so powerful he can bench over 470 lbs. and curl 170 lbs. for reps all day. Archer has been away training MMA and has been working on his strikes so not much time to dedicate to wrestling. He called up Mr. Mike looking to make some quick money before the holidays and so Mr. Mike booked him to take on Big Shawn right away. While Archer maybe smaller and Big Shawn a lot bigger there is a real battle here. Archer uses some unique never before seen bear hugs while Shawn uses his power but the little guy is able to squeeze out. Big Shawn crushes Archers ribs to the point where he finds him kneeling at his feet when surprise Archer uses a "dirty trick" to get back at the big ox. This is an impressive battle with a little guy getting in his licks while taking a bone crushing beating. Who will have the most submissions by bear hug after 10 min? Find out....