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Billy The Kid hurts Frey in an armbar at Thunders Arena

Billy the Kid vs Frey - Rough & Ready 91

$ 25.95

In this exciting Thunders Arena matchup, we see the ripped and athletic Frey taking on the thick and brash Billy The Kid. Frey starts things off showcasing his posing skills, showing off some new muscle he's packed onto his frame, when Billy The Kid aggressively interjects, grabbing and vicious wrist lock, and further torturing Freys massive bicep and ripped tricep with a brutal armbar submission. Never one to be taken lightly, Frey fights back, grabbing Billy The Kid in his own signature full nelson submission. "Thats my move!" the beefy Billy The Kid screams while grunting in pain as Frey applies more and more pressure to his muscular neck and traps. The two well built athletes battle back and forth before Billy The Kid gains the upper hand, asking Frey is he knows what his favorite animal is. The confused Frey hesitates with confusion before the outspoken and rude Billy The Kid boisterously exclaims "A GRIZZLY BEAR!!" grabbing Frey in a vice like bear hug, squeezing Freys body like a trash compactor.  Frey battles out with some strong clubs to the muscled upper back of Billy The Kid before hoisting him up onto his shoulders in a firemans carry. Showing impressive agility for a man of his girth, Billy The Kid evades the hold, locking in a tight sleeper hold and riding Frey down to the mat. A crafty veteran of Thunders Arena, Frey soon escapes the hold and grabs Billy The Kid for a devastating inverted reverse bearhug!  Showing just how evenly matched these two are, Billy The Kid escapes the brutalizing submission and quickly scoops the ripped and shredded Frey up onto his shoulder and slams him down to the mat. After temporarily incapacitating his opponent, Billy The Kid hits a triumphant most muscular pose, and proudly proclaims, "Billy The Kid...Kick'in ass like always!" with his massive traps and powerful pecs bulging in a display of power and arrogance. Ready to continue the punishment, Billy The Kid locks on another deltoid destroying armbar, torquing and pulling and the meaty shoulder of Frey. "Give up, Pretty Boy!" the rugged Billy The Kid demands. In another impressive display of grace and athleticism, Billy The Kid floats over and mounts Frey, driving a knee into his lower back and pull back on his head in a modified camel clutch submission. Defiantly, Frey fight his way out of the hold and locks on a figure four, punishing the muscled up legs of Billy The Kid.  After jocking for position in the figure four, the two amazing competitors collide again, with Frey gaining the upper hand, locking in a back breaking Boston Crab. Sensing himself taking the drivers seat, Frey pulls back on the hold while flexing his muscular chest yelling "yeah, you're making my veins pop!" putting on a show while he brutalizes his opponents lower lumbar region.  Billy The Kids frustration grows, as does his aggression. He demonstrates his impressive raw power, scooping Frey up like a sack of potatoes before driving him down over his knee with a vicious back breaker. Frey fights back once again, even offering Billy The Kid the chance to walk away and spare himself a beating. To stubborn and proud to leave the task at hand unfinished, Billy The Kid lunges at Frey, who maintains control with a brutal backbreaker of his own before grabbing Billy The Kids arms in a surfboard stretch, ripping and tearing at his muscular chest.  The two athletes continue to grow tired of each others antics, becoming more and more violent in their offense. They trade some stiff punches before Billy The Kid begins to dominate Frey yet again with a frightening crab hold, arching Freys back into painful positions I've never seen before, all most submitting the wrestler. With Frey refusing to quit, Billy The Kid locks in a sleeper hold to put his opponent to sleep. Frey fades, and is seemingly beaten, before mounting a comeback, scooping Billy The Kid up and driving him back down to the mat, using his muscular legs to lock in a triangle choke hold, returning the favor and putting Billy The Kid out.  With Billy The Kid out, Frey decides its time to punish his cocky opponent, waking him up with a painful double pec claw, jolting Billy The Kid awake in pain. The battle continues as these well conditioned athletes dig deep, their sweaty bodies colliding on the mat. Out of nowhere, Billy The Kids manages to grab his signature full nelson submission, forcing a submission out of Frey.  Not ready to face facts about possible defeat, Frey refuses to stay down, but gets scoop up over the broad shoulders of Billy The Kid in a spine bending torture rack. Billy The Kid bends the back of Frey slapping him in a rack, as Frey screams in pain trying to survive. Will he give or bust out, get the video and find out.