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Billy the Kid chokes out NJustice

Billy the Kid vs NJustice - Ring Wars 25

$ 34.75

Justice has a dark side!

Billy the Kid is in the ring, warming up on the ropes, when N Justice enters, demanding to know who the young beefcake is and why he’s in his ring!  N Justice is bulking up, his singlet straps pulled down to show his rugged torso.  Billy the Kid looks like a corn-fed southern hunk, ready to rassle!  The earnest young cowboy offers his hand to N Justice, who responds with a hard right to the side of Billy’s neck, followed by a hard uppercut!  The Kid stumbles into the corner where his throat is crushed by N Justice’s foot!  Justice is dominating as he snap mares the Kid and rakes his traps!  This match is a treasure trove of classic pro moves and holds – N Justice wraps his arms around Billy’s neck in a cravatte hold before clamping twin nerve claws on the stud’s traps!  N Justice is brutalising the Kid!  “Still want to be in my ring, punk ass little bitch?”  Billy is choked on the bottom rope, fighting for breath as N Justice pushes down with all his weight!  Dragging the Kid up, N Justice gets him up in the air for a suplex, Billy’s back crashing into the canvas HARD!!  Justice taunts the Kid with flick kicks to his face!  Billy struggles to get up, so N Justice runs and bounces off the ropes towards him – in desperation, Billy uses N Justice’s momentum and manages to lift up him and slam him down in a SPINE-SHATTERING POWERBOMB!!

Billy capitalises, wrenching N Justice’s arms back and stretching out his chest.  The Kid releases the hold, switching to a sidewalk slam into a single-leg crab!  Billy is out for payback after the earlier beat down and slams Justice’s knee into the canvas!  N Justice is writhing in pain, but Billy isn’t satisfied – he drags Justice up and rams his face into the turnbuckle!  N Justice turns the tables again with a spinning lariat clothes line, dropping the musclestud to the canvas.  As Billy starts to get up, N Justice stands over the prone cowboy and BUTT-DROPS into the small of Billy’s back!  Grinding his butt into Billy’s spine, N Justice pulls the Kid up and wraps his singlet strap around the Kid’s neck, choking the life out of him!  N Justice has a vicious dark side and Billy the Kid is experiencing it first-hand!

Back and forth the two Pro Titans battle – a Stunner gets N Justice a two count as the Kid kicks out!  Billy gets a near fall of his own with a sick kick to the side of N Justice’s head, followed by a DDT!  These two are beating the heck out of each other!  N Justice resorts to hair pulling and cheap shots, but it still isn’t enough – the cowboy refuses to quit!  Billy floors N Justice with flying shoulder tackles before adjusting his attitude!  Sweat is gleaming on their bodies as they lay into each other.  N Justice catches the Kid with a surprise RKO!  In and out of the ring, the intensity ratchets up.  Blatant chokes, figure four leg locks, an Atomic Drop, low blows, everything is on the table.  N Justice levels the Kid with a textbook PILEDRIVER that has to be seen to be believed – but the Kid kicks out!  Frustration is showing on N Justice’s face – what does he have to do to put the cowboy away?!  N Justice embraces his dark side as he gets a steel chair…

This match is Pro gold!  Will N Justice finally get the cowboy to submit?  Can Billy fight back and get the win?  Get this match today to find out who walks out the victor and who is left broken and whimpering in the centre of the ring!