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Billy the Kid grabs Scrappy in a bearhug in Thunders Arena

Billy the Kid vs Scrappy - Rough & Ready 89

$ 23.49
$ 31.25

Billy The Kid is ready to administer a beatdown when he squares off with the ever resilient Scrappy in this Thunders Arena encounter.

Billy The Kid sizes up Scrappy with all of the cockiness and swagger in the world before simply introducing himself. "I'm Billy The Kid...And I'm gonna kick your ass!" he proclaims before burying a vicious knee strike right into Scrappys ripped abs. Billy The Kid lets his foe back to his feet before scooping him up and slamming him down to that mat, verbally blasting him, "You ain't scrappy at all!" before arrogantly posing with an impressive most muscular, showcasing his beefed up traps and pecs. "What do you think of Billy The Kid so far?" he asks Scrappy, showing him his muscular arms before grabbing a brutal full nelson. 

Scrappy attempts to mount a comeback, managing to grab a full nelson of his own. "Who do you think you are , kid?" Billy asks him as he escapes the hold and turns the tables with a snapmare takedown, and a surfboard stretch, tearing at the ripped and shredded pecs and arms of the underdog Scrappy.

"You ain't nothing!" Billy The Kid tells scrappy as he throws him around the ring like a rag doll. Toying with him more to further show his dominance, Billy The Kid grabs multiple modified camel clutches, driving his lower knee into Scrappys badly aching back. Showcasing his impressive wrestling repertoire, Billy The Kid tortures Scrappy with an anaconda vice and a single leg crab, before taking things back to basics with his trademark full nelson submission hold. "So ya like Full Nelsons, do you??" Billy The Kids asks arrogantly, "Well I've got the best Full Nelson in the biz!"

The domination continues as Scrappy struggles to escape a vice-like chinlock. Flailing and kicking as his only means of defense, he frees himself momentarily only to be beaten down again. Trapping Scrappys head between his muscular thighs, Billy The Kid squeezes the skull of his opponent like hes trying to crush it, only releasing the hold to float over into an amazing mounted full nelson with a leg scissors hold on the mat. Billy The Kid uses his impressive upper body power to administer crushing force to the neck and traps, while utilizing his huge quads to squeeze the air out of the brutalized up and comer. 

From here we see one of the stiffest and tightest Boston Crabs in recent memory, as Billy The Kid all but folds Scrappy in half with the brutal submission. "Get up! This is a fight!" Billy yells at Scrappy upon releasing the hold, only to scoop Scrappy high up overheard, bringing him down hard onto his knee with a serious of spine shattering back breakers. 

Growing more and more sadistic in his attack, the unrelenting Billy The Kid grabs a vicious arm hold, pulling at Scrappys shoulder, telling him he's gonna have to scream in pain louder if he has any hope of being let go. As Scrappy withers in pain, Billy The Kid opts to punish the lower body, forgoing the shoulder hold to lock on a painful half carb.

"You ready, Scrappy? Because the pain train is coming!" Billy The kid exclaims as he grabs a crippling crossface submission, screaming "Choo Choo!!" as Scrappy screams in pain. 

With seemingly to quit in him, Scrappy refuses to submit, enraging Billy The Kid, who take him down with another full neslon/body scissors combo. As Scrappy taps, Billy The Kid decides he's not done yet, hoisting Scrappy high overhead with a torturous rack submission as Scappy fights with everything he's got to hang on....