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Billy the Kid vs Talon - Custom Video Series 105

Billy the Kid vs Talon - Custom Video Series 105

$ 31.25

Fan-favourite Talon is in the ring with Billy the Kid, all ready to lock up when Billy goes for a cheating cheap shot – right to the eyes! Talon reels from the move, as the Kid uses his meaty forearms to club Talon’s back, sending him crashing to the canvas! Billy is clearly on a mission as he wrenches Talon’s arm up in a vicious hammer lock! Talon’s bicep is bulging as he struggles. The Kid switches to an arm bar, wrenching Talon’s shoulder HARD! Talon screams as his arm is taken apart! With a nasty glint in his eye, Billy delivers another clubbing forearm to Talon’s wide back, before choking the muscular stud over the bottom rope! Not giving his prey a chance to recover, Billy drags Talon to the centre of the ring, grabs his leg up high and SMASHES his knee into the canvas! Talon is writhing in agony as Billy slaps a headlock on the hapless hunk! Billy’s arm is wrapped tight around the neck of Talon, not enough to sleeper him out, but certainly enough to slow him down! With Talon trying to shake off the effects of the headlock, the Kid decides to punish the arm of Talon some more. Setting Talon’s arm out to the side, Billy VICIOUSLY STOMPS down on Talon’s forearm! Talon rolls away, cradling his tenderised arm, but Billy isn’t done – he follows up with a nasty Kimura lock, applying massive pressure to the already damaged arm! Talon grabs the ropes, but Billy doesn’t let go – and there’s no ref here to come to the rescue!
Billy lets Talon go, only to scoop him up and powerslam him to the canvas – DEVASTATING! The Kid goes for the pin, but Talon narrowly kicks out. Billy goes behind, snaking his arms up and around Talon’s head in a full nelson! Billy shakes Talon from side to side, but Talon manages to power out and hip toss the cowboy! Billy is taken by surprise as Talon follows up with a LEGDROP to the back of Billy’s head! The Kid is stunned! Talon pulls the southern hunk up into a chinlock, pulling on his hair for good measure! A retaliatory knee strike has Billy writhing in pain – revenge is sweet! The Kid isn’t out though as he lifts a knee into Talon’s midsection, before lifting him up into a CRUSHING BEARHUG! Talon is in agony as he tries to hold out against the Kid’s onslaught! Billy drops the suffering hunk to the canvas. Before he can recover, Talon’s screams go up a notch as Billy applies vicious claws to both of Talon’s traps! Talon grabs the ropes again, but Billy’s not in the mood to play by the rules!
Both men are sweating hard as they punish each other. Low blows, rope chokes, face rakes on the top rope, this match is down and dirty! Chancery face locks, rib shots, the brutal match continues until one stud declares he’s “done with this”, annihilating his foe with an all-out cross-face crippler! But the wrecked loser isn’t out of the woods yet, as the victor returns for one last submission…