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Eagle vs Bjorn - Mat Rats 175

$ 25.95

Eagle is snatched up from behind by Bjorn in a vicious full nelson! Bjorn flings Eagle around before dropping to the mat and wrapping his massive legs around Eagle's body! Eagle fights to get out of Bjorn's hold and delivers some hard elbows to his abs! Eagle rolls out from between Bjorn's legs and gets his own leg scissors on Bjorn. That is until Bjorn stands up and backs into the concrete wall slamming Eagle unmercifully into it! Bjorn then yanks Eagle's arm and starts wrenching on it nearly snapping it in half! Eagle tries to counter but Bjorn has no forgiveness and keeps contorting Eagle's body until Eagle nearly passes out from the pain!

Eagle climbs out from under the behemoth Bjorn and runs at him hitting him with a clothesline! Once Bjorn is taken down to his hands and knees, Eagle rolls him up in a banana split submission testing the monster's flexibility on the mat. Eagle is now on a roll and wraps Bjorn up in a dragon sleeper! Bjorn flails and tries to get out but Eagle is not letting go! Bjorn is knocked straight out and Eagle has to slap him awake to continue his beatdown! But Bjorn gets up in a rage! He lifts Eagle by the throat in a choke lift and slams him against the wall! He drops him from what seems like the ceiling and then yanks him into a side headlock squeezing tighter and tighter! Bjorn's next instrument of destruction is a chest to chest bearhug nearly snapping Eagle in half!

Will Eagle be able to take down the new mass monster, Bjorn? Or will Bjorn earn his stripes taking out one of the most popular Thunders stars of all time?