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head figure four bicep flex

Blayne vs Scrappy - No Holds Barred 172

$ 34.75

"You left me! We were supposed to take this to the top, both of us!" A friendly handshake turns into a tug-of-war as an angry Blayne SQUEEZES not letting go. "We could still do that. I didn't leave you; I promise!" pleads Scrappy finally pulling away. "My time is coming to an end. I'm gonna have to teach you a lesson!" threatens Blayne as a brutal gut punch has Scrappy doubled over and hoisted up for a fireman's carry. "I thought we were buddies?" Struggling to breathe, the vet is shaken like a rag doll and tossed down as Blayne WRENCHES his arms behind his back, "Look at that baby chest; I've missed it! That's why we got to warm it up a little bit!" A double pec claw has Scrappy moaning in pain as he struggles to his feet and FLIPS Blayne to the mat for a crushing guillotine choke. "Let me go; you left me!" A devious grin appears as the truth finally comes out. "You know what? You're right; I did!" yells Scrappy UNLEASHING on his old friend: kick to the ribs, forearm smashes, a tight full nelson, "I missed kicking your a**! I was the one going to the top! Now I hear you're leaving, as you should!" Blayne's chiseled frame is on fire from the ruthless beating and slammed down, but he recovers for revenge! A dirty trick has Scrappy howling in agony as he's lifted in the air by his groin and dropped over the vet's knee OBLITERATING his abs, "I love watching you fly!" The muscle stud can barely catch his breath forced to his feet for an over-the-knee back breaker evening out both sides. "Stretch out these pretty boy abs! Maybe I should tear them open for ya!" Blayne CLAWS his victim's ripped abs and ELBOWS his ribs as he cries out collapsing to the mat. Things get down and dirty; both muscle hunks use their bags of tricks to rip each other apart! Scrappy strikes first with a vicious low blow and wraps his quads of steel around the vet in a crushing standing head scissors. Desperate to break away, Blayne grunts and groans standing up with his x-friend hanging off his back, "What are you 140lbs soaking wet?" Scrappy is tossed to the mat and lifted in an UPSIDE DOWN belly to back bearhug powerless to escape mid-air dirty tricks and a brutal gut punch! Barely moving, the ruthless Blayne drags the muscle beast up for a sleeper nearly putting him away before an elbow to the ribs breaks the torturous hold. "Stand up! Remember the good times we beat each other's a**es against the wall?" Pissed off, Scrappy slams the vet HAMMERING away at his rock-hard abs, and takes him down with a vicious dirty trick! "Let me show you how to do a sleeper!" Blayne gasps for air crumbling to his knees but summons enough to strength to flip his captor over to escape. The brutal battle continues: ball and chain, atomic wedgies, glute smacking, pec claws. Scrappy lifts the seasoned vet in a massive fireman's carry, "Why don't you go ahead and say it? You don't miss me; what you really miss is being my b****! Blayne screams in agony as he's VIOLENTLY shaken on the beast's boulder shoulders and tossed down where a stomp to the groin leaves him motionless on the mat. Scrappy mounts his chiseled frame pinning him down with his knees. Rage coarsing through his veins, Blayne launches his x-partner across the arena retaliating with grueling punches, elbows, and HEADBUTTS to the groin! Scrappy can barely breathe as he's rolled into an agonizing cradle; the intense struggle leaves both hunks gassed out on their backs. "You tired yet? How are you still standing up?" groans Blayne as he's forced to his feet up against the wall. "I wasn't done with your abs!" threatens Scrappy as he continues his beating: gut punches, a knee to the groin, two-handed choke, bodyslam! "Please my arms!" begs Blayne as the muscle beast tries ripping them out of their sockets and locks on a RIB-CRACKING body scissors choking the vet with his own bicep. "Go easy on your old training partner!" "I don't think so; you never went easy on me Blayne!" The brutal battle continues: ab and pec claws, Boston crab, forearm smashes, chokelift, full nelson/body scissors combo, leg sleeper, and some of the DIRTIEST tricks you have ever seen! "I should just end you right now! Is that what you want?" With their friendship ruined, the sinister winner makes an ominous promise, "Don't worry, I'll show you what I want!"