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back breaker

Blayne vs Steel - Bodybuilder Battle 144

$ 25.95

"Haven't seen you in a long time; you still got the same quads of steel!" admires Blayne patting the muscle beast's beefy legs. "Hard to forget right? Some day you might grow up and look like a man!" flexes Steel. "You know what's gonna make me feel good, try and beat you in a wrestling match!" Blayne jumps on the behemoth's chiseled back with a surprise sleeper as he struggles to breathe finally LAUNCHING the vet across the arena. "Be gentle; you don't know how strong you are sometimes!" begs Blayne; his arm seconds away from snapping in a brutal arm bar. "You're gonna go lights out today!" threatens Steel dragging his prey into a BACK-BREAKING camel clutch yanking back on his chin as he groans in pain collapsing to the mat. Not letting up, the beast wraps his meathook hands around Blayne's throat for a chokelift then slams him into the wall. Gasping for air, the vet's rock-hard abs are HAMMERED away as the dominant behemoth locks in a guillotine choke, "Feel the pain pretty boy! It only takes one arm; one arm to choke you and one arm to flex!" Steel taunts his victim flexing his beefy bicep; when out of nowhere, Blayne scoops him up on his shoulder SLAMMING him down, "You fat f**k, that took everything out of me!" Struggling to catch his breath, the muscle stud pounces locking the bodybuilder in a crushing standing head scissors! "My neck!" groans Steel as the ruthless Blayne SQUEEZES even tighter taking his scissors to the ground, "I don't care if I hurt you; I'm gonna break your neck!" The mountain of muscle struggles exploding in a fit of rage and powers out rolling the vet over for a grueling leg lock. Bone-splintering sounds fill the arena as Blayne pleads for mercy; his cries only fuel the behemoth hoisting him up for a NECK-SNAPPING full nelson! Steel releases and tries breaking the vet in half folding his head over between his own legs, "I can't! Why you gotta fold me like a pretzel?" Blayne is completely manhandled as a dirty low blow and knee to the gut sends him crashing down. "You know what I haven't done all day is squeeze the s**t out of somebody!" Down on all fours, the mountain of muscle straddles the vet; his tree-trunk quads PULVERIZE his ribs taking the scissors to the mat. "I can't breathe, please!" "You're gonna submit like a little b****!" promises Steel releasing his hold, flexing over his broken victim. Blayne peels himself up from the mat crawling up the mountain of muscle like a human ladder, "I'm in awe of your muscle!" "Why don't you worship that s**t, just like everybody else does!" taunts Steel about to rip his opponent apart limb by limb: massive fireman's carry, atomic wedgie, brutal Boston crab, upside down belly to back bearhug! Motionless on his back, the behemoth mounts his prey's chest pinning him down, "Remember this position, looking up at these big pecs? I'll make you kiss these biceps!" Steel SMOTHERS Blayne's face with his bowling ball bicep as he gasps for air and TWISTS his arm nearly ripping it out of socket. "Mercy, mercy!" howls the vet in excruciating pain barely able to get up. "On your knees where you belong, that's what I like to see!" taunts the beast unleashing his power: guillotine choke, vicious gut punches, tight headlock. "Those perfect biceps squeezing the life out of you yet?" A devilish grin sweeps across the vet's face, "You should have squeezed harder!" Blayne levels the big man with a dirty low blow and grabs his arm between his own legs, "How about a little throttle action?" Steel screams in agony as the vet CRANKS his arm higher and higher flipping him over on the mat. Time for some payback as Blayne goes to town on the behemoth: a tight sleeper, standing head scissors, gut punches, pec claw, crushing body scissors, vicious arm lock! The mountain of muscle is completely gassed, drug to his feet for a shoulder carry damaging his abs, and slammed back down. "Take one blow to the stomach; big tree fall hard!" taunts Blayne DRIVING his foot deep in Steel's groin as he howls in agony barely catching his breath, "I'm gonna whoop your a**! You shouldn't have done that!" Things get down and dirty as the brutal battle rages on: guillotine choke, low blow, elbows to the ribs, back and arm stretches, a CHOKESLAM over the knee! "Don't stretch me anymore! I can't breathe!" pleads Blayne wanting to quit, but the sinister Steel has other plans, "I don't think so son; you still gotta worship these muscles little b****! If you don't wanna do it, I'm gonna make you do it!" Wait until you see what Steel has in store; you won't believe your eyes!