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Blayne vs Bolt - Mat Rats 80

Blayne vs Bolt - Mat Rats 80

$ 34.75

Gut punching fans, have we got a treat for you as Bolt and Blayne have the ultimate ab endurance contest!

Blayne and Bolt are in the Thunder’s lounge.  Blayne comments that it’s a nice day outside.  “No it’s not man!”  Without reason or provocation, Bolt slugs Blayne in the gut!  Blayne collapses to the couch, but Bolt just follows up with another and another, drilling his fist into Blayne’s defenceless midsection!  Bolt pauses to show off his own abs, giving Blayne the opportunity to fire in some ab shots of his own.  After laying into Bolt’s abs, Blayne takes him to the sofa and slaps on a tight headlock – but he gets out of position, allowing Bolt to catch him in a nasty choke hold!  Bolt holds Blayne in place and goes right back to the abs!  Blayne’s midsection is turning red from the abuse!  Bolt pushes Blayne to the floor, mounting his back and riding him down.  Bolt turns them over and Blayne’s abs are once again exposed for Bolt’s punishing blows – six shots in quick succession have Blayne begging for Bolt to let him breathe!  What did Blayne do to deserve this?!

Blayne says he can’t take anymore, but his pleas fall on deaf ears as Bolt stomps on Blayne’s battered gut!  In desperation, Blayne fires a hard shot between Bolt’s legs, evening things up.  Blayne gets behind Bolt, pinning him to the sofa with his leg and firing shots into Bolt’s abs.  “Come on, you can do harder than that!”  Be careful what you wish for Bolt!  Blayne lets loose with a quick fire volley that has Bolt grimacing in pain.  Blayne slaps on a choke, but Bolt gets free and drags him close for another brutal ab assault – Bolt let’s fly with haymakers and knee lifts, hitting so hard that Blayne is lifted off the floor!  “Speed round!” calls Bolt has he pummels the battered bricks over and over again until Blayne crumples to the sofa in agony.  Bolt give him a moment then pulls him back up for yet more of a beating – but Blayne manages to reverse, giving Bolt some of his own medicine with added pec claw!  Bolt is SCREAMING as his pectoral muscles are ripped apart, one after the other!  Pressing his advantage, Blayne drops an elbow to Bolt’s midsection!  Bolt is in all kinds of trouble as Blayne gets behind him for a standing head scissors, his quads quivering from the effort of crushing Bolt’s head!  Then, incredibly, Blayne jumps off the sofa WITH BOLT’S HEAD STILL TRAPPED BETWEEN HIS THIGHS!!!  Blayne keeps the pressure on, but can’t hold on and topples to the floor face first.  Bolt is the first to rise – clearing the cobwebs, he pulls Blayne to his feet only to sink another fist into his abs followed by a knee lift!  Blayne sinks to his knees, giving Bolt the chance to clamp on a standing head scissor of his own – you know what they say about payback!  Bolt squeezes as hard as he’s ever squeezed, even jumping on the spot to add further pressure!

Bolt takes the action to the outside where a surprise cameo interferes and turns the match on it’s head!  This battle is far, far from over – ab stretches, pec claws, elbow strikes, bearhugs, forearm blows and so much gut punching!  Bolt throws Blayne against the wall and fires kicks into his devastated abs!  Blayne responds with knife-edge chops, blatant chokes, knee lifts and a vicious ball claw!  This is one of the hardest fought matches we have EVER filmed and is a must-own for your collection.  Who wins?  Get this incredible match now and see for yourself!