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Blayne stretched by Brute in Thunders Arena

Blayne vs Brute - Rough & Ready 86

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In this classic big man versus small man match up, the 265lb Brute dishes out his vicious brand of violence against the resilient 165lb Blayne, showing the outclassed and outsized Blayne what real domination is all about. The monstrous Brute looks the nervous Blayne up and down before burying a kick deep into the chiseled midsection of Blayne before flipping him down to the mat and grabbing a vice-like chinlock. Digging his fingers into Blaynes eye socket, Brute rips and gouges at Blaynes face before locking in a camel clutch submission. Always looking for new sadistic ways to torture his opponents, Brute drives the point of his elbow into Blaynes eye! Blayne cries out in pain before Brute dominates him with a series of arm submissions before pulling him to his feet and grabbing a full nelson, thrashing Blayne back and forth before releasing him, only to drop him back to his knees with a precision thrust kick to the abdoman. Showing off his power, Brute crushes Blaynes face into a knee while flexing a massive bicep, before attacking Blaynes eyes and face once more. A vicious reverse bearhug by Brute drives Blayne down into the mat, where Brute drives a massive knee into the lower back. After punishing Blaynes spine on the canvas, Brute hoists his opponent to his feet, and then up in the air for a painful torture rack submission. Brute demonstrates his raw raw power carrying Blayne around effortlessly, before dumping him down to the canvas to further torture him with an amazing modified  surfboard stretch. Brute flexes his massive shoulders and arms as his stretches Blaynes rock hard chest to the limit, while he cries out in pain. Blaynes agonizing groans serve only to motivate Brutes attack, as he locks in a painful hammerlock submission, twisting Blaynes arm while shoving him down into the mat. Brute presses down with all of his 265lbs, stopping only to punish Blaynes spine with the point of his elbow. Brute further punishes Blayne with a modified bow and arrow submission, weakening the back more before grabbing a boston crab submission, bending Blaynes back into an unnatural and painful angle. An innovative half neslon/chicken wing submission is next on Brutes menu of pain, before he flips Blayne to the mat below, wrapping his massive legs around the waist for a crushing bodyscissors submission hold. Brute maintains the bodyscissors while actually chocking Blayne with his own arms in a straightjacket chokehold, before locking in his patented cobra clutch sleeper. Beaten and broken, Blayne quickly succumbs to unconsciousness as the blood supply to his brain is cut off. Not yet content with the levels of punishment dished out, the ever aggressive Brute actually wakes Blayne up only to lock in another cobra clutch. Turning up the "brutality" this time around, Brute, maintaining the hold, rolls Blayne onto his stomach and drives a knee into his lower back, using the cobra clutch to pull back on Blaynes head and neck, squeezing the life out of him and damn near breaking his spine simultaneously! "Go to sleep!" The monster Brute commands as Blayne fights to stay conscious. As Blayne fades, Brute decides to take things to the next level AGAIN, removing Blaynes singlet straps and using them to choke him! A vicious heart punch sends Blayne crumbling to the mat below. As Brute goes to pick him up to administer even more punishment, Blayne scrambles right out of his singlet to get away. Disgusted and disgruntled, Brute damn near takes his head off with a decapitating superkick before lifting Blayne up and off the mat with a full nelson, only to squeeze his foe into unconsciousness yet again. With the match all but won, Brute again wakes up his now helpless opponent only to hoist him high overhead with a gorilla press, keeping him high up above the mat before letting him crash violently down, in perfect position to be locked into another devastating sleeper hold. With Blayne struggling to hang on, one can only wonder how much longer he can last against the innovative and painful offense of the human torture device known as Brute!