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muscular man in a Boston crab

Blayne vs Chase88 - No Holds Barred 134

$ 25.95

 Blayne starts telling Chase88 how Thunder’s operates, but the newbie interrupts him, claiming he’s come Thunder’s Arena to ‘see the fresh meat.’  Blayne balks at the audacity of the upstart – “oh no, YOU’RE the fresh meat!”  Without further ado, the two men lock up with Blayne straight away getting the advantage.  He slips behind Chase88, snaking his arms round for a rear bearhug – he clamps it on tight, lifting Chase88 of the mat and eliciting screams of pain!  Blayne is always in incredible shape and today is no exception.  Chase88 has a slight size advantage, which he uses to escape the hold – Chase whirls around and slaps on a tight sleeper, taking Blayne to the mat where he switches to a choke scissors combo, choking poor Blayne with his own arm!  Chase88 clearly has some skill, but no amount of skill will help when your opponent goes No Holds Barred on your balls!  Chase88 crumples to the mat as Blayne steps over his prone form, lifting his legs up into a Boston Crab!  Seeking to humiliate him further, Blayne turns Chase88 so he’s facing the camera – giving the fans a better view of his suffering!  Blayne relinquishes the hold, only to pull Chase88 up into a Camel Clutch, before clubbing him down to the mat!  Chase88 tries to regroup, but Blayne is having none of that – he catches Chase88 in a modified Octopus hold, but Chase88 resists – suddenly Blayne finds himself slammed to the mat!  Chase88 steps back to recover as Blayne gets to his feet.  Blayne is all smiles – “That was fun, I want to do that again.” As he’s talking, Blayne lashes out with a kick to Chase88’s midsection, sending the newbie back to the mat.  Blayne goes for the hold again, this time completing it and splitting Chase88 apart in a Spread Eagle!  Blayne is absolutely and mercilessly punishing this guy!  Ball & Chain, followed by a side Bow & Arrow have Chase88 screaming in agony!  Blayne gets cocky and leaves himself wide open for a payback low blow from Chase88 and Chase does not hold back – Blayne’s face becomes a mask of disbelief and abject agony as he collapses!  Chase88 follows up with a seated Bow & Arrow, pulling on Blayne’s limbs and warping his spine – Blayne is hurting, but Chase88 has yet to learn how we roll at Thunder’s!  With Chase88’s focus pulled, Blayne leaps to his feet and charges into the newbie’s midsection, hauling him off his feet and into a DEVASTATING backbreaker!  Oh, how Chase88 screams!  Blayne starts to flex, but he underestimates Chase88 again – the model fires a MASSIVE clubbing blow to Blayne’s pecs, knocking the superstar off his feet!  Chase88 flips poor Blayne over for a FURIOUS Boston Crab!  Chase88 keeps the pressure on, peppering Blayne with a legdrop and multiple suplexes! “You might want to stay down,” says a newly confident Chase88 – not likely!  Blayne is famous for his endurance and ability to absorb punishment, and he will NEVER choose to stay down!

Blayne fires out a lightning-quick ball claw, clamping onto Chase88 and not letting go!  A flash of anger crosses Blayne’s face – he’s intent on teaching the upstart a lesson he won’t soon forget!  Charging takedowns, a headbutt to the balls and ab bashing against the wall before a revenge suplex of his own, Blayne is on a mission!  Chase88 screams as his head is crushed between Blayne’s powerful thighs in a Standing Headscissor!  Blayne pauses to offer the rookie a compliment on his muscles – Chase88 responds with another low blow!  This match is dirty, rough with no quarter given and no love lost.  The match is nowhere near over as Chase88 gets some payback on the veteran.  Will it be enough to topple the superstar stud?  Or will Blayne regain his dominance and hand the rookie a defeat in his debut match?  Treat yourself today and add this match to your collection – you’ll be glad you did!