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Blayne vs Clark - No Holds Barred 94

Blayne vs Clark - No Holds Barred 94

$ 22.22
$ 25.00

Trunks War!

Blayne is getting ready for his next match and is frantically looking for his favourite trunks.  After searching high and low, they’re nowhere to be found.  He goes through to the mat room and suddenly finds them – being worn by recent-addition-to-the-roster Clark!  Blayne is LIVID and charges at Clark, clotheslining the upstart to the mat!  Clark comments that they’re nice trunks – “I know!” says Blayne, “Now I have to wear these f***ing square cuts!”  Blayne makes it clear he wants his favourite trunks back, so Clark has a proposal – they wrestle for them.  Blayne agrees and quickly goes for Clark’s pecs – Clark responds by reaching for a ball claw on Blayne!  We’re in no holds barred territory here!  The two go to the mat, grappling back and forth as they fight for the advantage.  Blayne manages to grab Clark’s legs, turning him over for a Boston Crab!  Clark doesn’t give in, so Blayne scoops him up for an Over the Knee backbreaker, further attacking Clark’s spine!  But Clark trips Blayne to the mat, pulling him up off the mat before slamming him back down and stripping Blayne of his square-cuts!  Stripped down to tiny yellow trunks, Blayne finds himself trapped and stretched as Clark bends him like a pretzel!  Blayne holds out, eventually managing to roll out and clamp a bodyscissor on Clark – the rookie responds with a ball claw, forcing Blayne to release the hold!  Then, to add further insult to injury, Clark puts Blayne’s square-cuts on!

Blayne gets on top of Clark, attacking his pecs, but Clark fires shots into Blayne’s midsection.  The two get to their feet and Clark whips behind Blayne, locking on a choke hold!  This is not how Blayne planned on this going!  “Do you give up?” asks Clark, but Blayne refuses!  Blayne escapes and ups the ante with a camel clutch into a sleeper, but Clark comes back with an elbow to the balls – this is getting dirty!  Clark brutally twists Blayne’s nipples, making him scream out in agony!  Clark poses his impressive biceps over Blayne, momentarily distracting the superstar – not for long though as Blayne gets free and stretches Clark’s hamstrings to breaking point!  Bearhugs, face locks, arm bars, sleepers and more as these two beat up on each other.  Blayne slaps on a tight sleeper, putting Clark out!  Blayne starts working over Clark’s chest, but the rookie suddenly comes alive and throws Blayne off!  Blayne finds himself trapped in a cradle as Clark hoists him off the mat to slam him back down!  Blayne is in pain as Clark applies another choke, followed by a rear bearhug that has Blayne whimpering – all he wanted was his trunks back!

Can Blayne come back and put Clark away?  Will he get his trunks back from the upstart rookie?  Or will Clark keep the trunks as a trophy?  A torture rack finale seals the fate of one wrestler!  And you know what they say – winner takes all…