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body scissor full nelson

Blayne vs Dom9 - Custom Video Series 89

$ 23.99
$ 31.59

I consider this video our first ever full nelson challenge!  

This is a custom video someone ordered and this person wanted, "They are wrestling because Dom9 mad at Blayne recent wins and want to take him out by making Blayne suffer in Full Nelsons. I want to see Blayne Put in Full Nelsons multiple time for a long while, as well as some Full Nelson body scissors, like Njustice,  put Blayne in. Dominate Blayne in close Full Nelsons.  While in a full nelson, I want to see some close-up Full Nelsons of Blayne chest and face and facing the Camera the whole time while Blayne still being put in Full nelsons. I liked close full nelsons the destroyer put Blayne in but facing the camera the whole time. I want to see Blayne dominated in this Custom. I want to see Blayne with a beard and clean shaven chest. Make sure they towel off if they get sweaty. Can you film this in the garage like you filmed the recent Keese and the destroyer matches with Blayne? make sure to take breaks. I want to see Blayne trash taking."  We did all his requests and more exciting things like shot it with our new state of the art camera in a few full HD setting that will blow your mind away once you see it in action!  This match is 30 minutes long, who will submit to the first ever full nelson challenge?

"My neck, my shoulders, my fingers, I CAN'T FEEL THEM!" This 30 minute full nelson battle is so brutal; you will be feeling the pain just watching! Blayne is getting his pump on doing push ups when he's interrupted by Dom9, "What are you doing? You come in here thinking you have the best chest, best abs. They let you win matches; it's BS!" "That's exactly what I think. Look at my abs and chest, of course I win matches!" Blayne pushes the muscle beast out of the way, and this match is on! They lock up; Dom9 breaks away locking Blayne in a tight full nelson, "How's that chest?" "That hurts! You got a pretty good grip!" Blayne strains trying to escape and is SLAMMED face first to the mat. "Always talking crap, always an excuse! You're gonna be a man some day!" mocks Dom9. "Get out of here!" Blayne goes back to doing push ups as the beast pushes down on his back stopping him mid-air. His biceps shake under the pressure when he is CLUBBED in the back with a double forearm! Dom9 rolls his victim over in a full nelson/scissor combo, "My legs are also bigger than yours!" "You ain't squeezing, so it's all good!" Dom9 makes him eat his words and SQUEEZES tighter! Blayne screams in pain as his chest is pulled so tight it looks ready to split at any moment! "I can do this all day!" The dominant beast releases his hold and mounts Blayne, pec bouncing his beefy chest and flexes a double bicep. "You're so fat!" With the vet helpless on the mat, Dom9 delivers a vicious ELBOW DROP then goes straight back into a tight full nelson. "You're tearing me apart! My bloods leaving my arms!" A back and forth struggle has Blayne winded trying to break away! The beast lays back STRETCHING the muscle stud past his limits. "You're breathing a little heavy. Let's get rid of that too!" Dom9 scissors his pretty boy abs nearly making him pass out! Blayne soon recovers, elbows his tormentor in the ribs, and delivers a full nelson of his own! "I'm gonna try my hand at you!" Dom9's power is too strong as he breaks away and full nelsons Blayne up and down again and again on the mat. "Why you gotta be so vicious?" pleads the muscle stud barely able to move. "You can give up if you want!" A massive mercy challenge has Blayne dropping to his knees under Dom9's incredible power. "I'm in control! I'll take you wherever I want." He crumbles to the mat with his hands still locked in as the tormentor drops his weight on top of Blayne CRUSHING his abs! The muscle stud is being destroyed limb by limb, and the full nelsons are about to get even MORE BRUTAL!