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Dom9 puts Blayne not a sleeper at Thunders Arena Wrestling.

Blayne vs Dom9 - No Holds Barred 145

$ 31.25

What do you do when the power goes out and you still have a film day to finish?  YOU grab the battery powered light and make it work!  

Darkness falls over the mat; when out of the shadows, Dom9 and Blayne appear pumped and ready to go! Their ripped muscles glisten under the dramatic lighting as Blayne admires his competition, "I like guys my same build; I'm getting excited! Dom9, what is that short for?" "Dominating your ass!" "Oh you ain't gonna be dominating me!" Blayne charges in lifting the muscle beast on his shoulder and SLAMS him down! Dom9 can barely catch his breath before the vet pounds his chiseled abs and rolls him into a tight Boston crab! "Dominating me?" The torture doesn't last long as Dom9 is able to slide out of his grip and returns the favor, "Back at you!" Blayne can barely move as the muscle hunk mounts his chest pinning him down and flexes. "Let me see that chest, that lighting!" The vet strains but finally is able to swing his legs up, flip the beast over, and pin him down using his legs. Dom9's beefy chest is left wide open as a DOUBLE PEC CLAW and vicious ab stretch have him in agony, "Seems like you like this a little too much!" Blayne continues his punishment with a GROIN-BREAKING banana split and tight hammerlock, "Smile for the camera!" The vet is a little too overconfident as Dom9 easily overpowers his captor taking him down, mounts his chest, and begins CRUSHING Blayne's skull with his tree trunk quads! "Want it tighter?" "I can't breathe!" groans the vet as he struggles to stay awake. The devious Dom9 crosses the vet's arms around his face CHOKING him with his own arms! Blayne's muscle begin to slump as the powerhouse stands up to add more pressure. Now's his chance! A brutal knee to the groin sends Dom9 crumbling to the mat in pain. "Now I gotta play a little dirty!" Blayne delivers dirty trick after dirty trick then rolls the muscle beast in a cradle so TIGHT he is eating his knees! "You wanna be called Dom? That's how you do it right there!" The vet releases his hold and stretches the big man out, "Look at these veins; make sure the light catches that!" Dom9 grunts, groans, and stands up delivering an over the shoulder takedown! Both muscle hunks will stop at nothing to destroy each other: multiple dirty tricks, Boston crabs, ab claws, banana splits! At one point, Blayne shows incredible strength and picks up Dom9 by his legs SWINGING HIM around in the air before slamming down on his back! Dom9 battles back with a SKULL-CRUSHING head scissors as Blayne gasps for air, "They're so big. You're lucky you're so fat!" Insults get the vet nowhere as the muscle hulk squeezes tighter, "Go to sleep!" The vet's face turns white as the blood rushes from his head powerless to escape, but Dom9 releases his hold seconds before Blayne goes lights out! "Look at you; you're on the floor!" 

The battle rages on: even more dirty tricks, a crippling camel clutch, devastating CHOKELIFT, and multiple TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVERS! Who will pass out under the light, and who will escape into the night?