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wrestler camel clutching a body builder

Blayne vs Duke - No Holds Barred 136

$ 23.49
$ 31.25

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Blayne and Duke start the year off with a masked New Year's Bash! "You gonna be better this year?" mocks Duke. "Better? You're talking to the best seller!" The muscle hunks flex for the camera pushing each other out of the spotlight. Blayne unbuttons his vest exposing his chiseled abs, "Touch it, see how rock hard they are." Both titans begin to worship each other's chest and abs. Blayne decides to test the muscle giant's strength and hangs in the air from his biceps! Duke doesn't even flinch; his powerful pythons easily carry the extra weight. Playtime is over! Blayne charges in delivering a tight rear bearhug then lifts the muscle hulk onto his shoulder squatting him with ease. Duke breaks away retaliating with an UPSIDE DOWN bearhug! "I'm gonna rip those silver pants off you!" moans Blayne as he's slammed down. A massive low blow sends Duke crumbling to the mat. Blayne tries for a camel clutch but can't get the behemoth locked in, so he transitions to a sleeper. The muscle hunk slumps to the mat and is unmasked by his torturer. "Now you're gonna look at real abs, front row seat!" Blayne mounts Duke's chest delivering a DOUBLE PEC CLAW! The beast groans in pain as he struggles to escape and is rolled into a banana split! The behemoth breaks out, sits on Blayne's chest, and removes his mask. "You're so fat!" The underdog escapes and UNLEASHES on Duke: a crippling Boston crab, over-the-knee back breaker, and rib-cracking body scissors! Duke is in agony barely able to move as Blayne worships his chest and abs. "Breathe deep, it's ok!" Duke recovers and wants revenge: a NECK-BREAKING full nelson, gut punches, and a pec claw! It's Blayne's turn to suffer as Duke worships his abs, "pretty shredded!" He may be down but not out. Blayne delivers a side-splitting bearhug and orders the muscle beast to worship his quads. The back and forth battle heats up: a vicious BALL AND CHAIN, atomic wedgies, and sleepers! Neither muscle titan wants to lose the first match of the new year! Intense muscle worship and loads of dirty tracks will have you guessing what's about to come next. To top it all off, a DEVASTATING finisher has the winner declaring, "I don't even need to pin you. You're gonna feel that for days!" What did they do? Trust us, you won't believe your eyes!