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Marco and Duke aka Ryan Sparks lifts and carries Blayne into submission on Thunders Arena Wrestling.

Christmas Chaos 2017 Part 3 - Blayne vs Duke vs Marco

$ 35.95

Fan winning match idea!

This match idea was submitted by John, "Why not do a match with Duke and Blayne and Marco!
The guys at Thunders have chosen their secret Santas, but Blayne wants to give a gag gift to Marco, and Duke is the one who ended up with Marco as his secret Santa.
When Duke won't switch with him, Blayne goes on the offensive and the two wrestle with the winner ending up with Marco as their Secret Santa gift recipient. 
As the match progresses, Marco enters and he's gotten Blayne as his secret Santa.
The gift he wants to give Blayne is an ass whupping, and he and Duke proceed to give Blayne the gift of a squash job."
Thanks and hope you enjoy the scenario idea. 
We did like it a lot and turned it into a massive great fight with a special 2 man power slam that put Blayne up over the mat 6 feet into the air.  Marco and Duke showed no mercy.