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Blayne vs Iceman18 - Mat Rats 89

Blayne vs Iceman18 - Mat Rats 89

$ 31.25

“What we got over here?  Oh, actually this will be fun!”

Blayne is back to take on Thunder’s newest wrestler, Iceman18.  Already creating a stir amongst fans (and in the locker room!), Iceman18 has proven that he can more than hold his own on the mats.  Blayne is clearly very impressed by Iceman18’s physique, complementing his biceps and quads.  Iceman18 soaks up the attention, posing and putting on a show for his audience!  Blayne decides to remind him what he’s here for, driving in and hoisting the rookie up over his shoulder, ramming his delts up into Iceman18’s abs before dumping him back down to the mat.  Iceman18 is impressed – “Not too bad for a guy a fraction of my size!”  Again, the rookie gets distracted by his own physique, giving Blayne a chance to leap onto his back, wrapping his arm around Iceman18’s neck for a sleeper!  Iceman18 struggles to breathe as Blayne tightens the hold.  Feeling his opponent weaken, Blayne releases the sleeper and quickly pulls Iceman18’s head between his quads for a Standing Head Scissor!  Iceman18 claws desperately at Blayne’s legs as the superstar puts on a show of his own!  Iceman18 finally manages to break the deadly hold and topple Blayne to the mat – Iceman18 is quick to follow up with a front facelock, dragging Blayne slowly down, but Blayne escapes and wraps his legs around Iceman18’s torso!  “Yeah, feel the SQUEEZE!” Blayne pours on the pressure as his vice-like legs clamp down!  Iceman18 absorbs the pain – “Is that all you got?”  He prises Blayne’s legs apart, springing out of the scissor hold and slapping on a Full Nelson!  Blayne is weakening under Iceman18’s attack – in desperation he fires an elbow into the rookie’s abs, forcing him to release the hold.  Blayne moves in with more blows to the abs and a Full Nelson of his own, putting the rookie’s body on display!  Blayne lifts the musclestud, but suddenly finds himself in the air and being slammed by the rookie!  Iceman18 follows Blayne to the mat, where he’s all over the Thunder’s veteran – Iceman18 clamps on another sleeper!  He’s determined to put Blayne out, but Blayne has other ideas – he rakes Iceman18’s face and escapes!  Blayne literally sits right on Iceman18’s chest!

Blayne decides to see how flexible Iceman18 is, taking him down into a DEVASTATING Boston Crab!  Blayne cranks it hard, his abs popping out as he strains, but Iceman18 has POWERFUL quads – he flexes them, propelling poor Blayne across the mat!  Iceman18 quickly follows up with a choke hold, pinning Blayne to the mat as he sends him to La La Land – this time Blayne fades out, but Iceman18 is nowhere near even thinking about being done!  He taunts Blayne, telling him to get up – Blayne responds with a low blow and a back breaker on the rookie!  Arm bars, throws, Camel Clutch, slams, stretches, chokes and loads more.  “Get up, we’re not done.”  The trash talk is free-flowing as Iceman18 ups his game with Full Nelsons and knees to Blayne’s midsection!  “Come on, what are you going to do?  You just gonna take it?”  Iceman18 repays Blayne’s earlier humiliation by dropping his rock-hard glutes HARD into Blayne’s abs and chest!  Blayne is trapped as Iceman18 rains blow after blow down on his abs!  But Blayne has been in tougher spots than this and manages to escape, rolling Iceman18 up in the process!  Blayne snaps, unloading on the rookie’s abs and pecs!  Can Blayne capitalise and hand Iceman18 a defeat?  Or will the rookie make good on his promise of putting Blayne out for the win?  This match will keep you guessing right up to the intense and brutal end!  What started out as a fun match escalates into an all-out slugfest that you won’t want to miss!