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Blayne puts Iceman 18 into a head scissors at Thunders Arena Wrestling

Blayne vs Iceman18 - Vegas Battles 28

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Blayne won and he's not going to let Iceman forget that, Iceman shoves Blayne, but Blayne is ready for their match today he kicks Icemans stomach, he lifts him up into a firemans carry, than throws him on the ground, and starts playing dirty! He uses the strap to his advantage pulling it between iceman legs, making him groan. Blayne is enjoying the pain hes giving, he gets iceman in a standing head scissor before dropping down to the ground and squeezing icemans head with his thighs, Blayne lets go of the head scissor but that was his first mistake, iceman uses the strap to his advantage and wraps it around blaynes chest pinning his arms to his body, than iceman goes in for a crushing ball claw! We can see every ounce of the pain on Blayne's face as he struggles against iceman, he gets several chest punches from Blayne, but blayne manages to sneak in a ball claw on iceman, he than twists it and we see the world of hurt in iceman face as he drops to his knees, this keeps iceman distracted long enough for blayne to wrap the strap around him, than come from behind with another ball claw! Iceman looks like he's seeing stars, Blayne takes the opportunity to lift up iceman and drop him down for a painful back breaker! Blayne gets another ball claw in while iceman is still trying to gather himself.  Blayne gets to caught up in the moment and iceman uses the strap to his advantage to pull blayne in for a full nelson, Blayne tries to muscle his way out of it, but can't get out of icemans hold. Iceman throws Blayne to the ground and uses the straps to tie his arms behind his back, he delivers several painful blows to Blayne's ribs and even digs his knuckles in and gives him a few pec slaps, but Blayne's not ready to submit yet, he gives iceman a pec claw only to receive one back! see who wins in this back and forth strap match