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Blayne vs Jake - Mat Wars 79

Blayne vs Jake - Mat Wars 79

$ 25.95

Muscle Hunks, Muscle Worship and Muscle Destruction!

“I usually bring the best abs…”

Blayne has been getting more confident as he has scored some impressive victories in recent months.  Having carried the label of “Jobber Extraordinaire” for too long, he’s keen to prove once and for all that he can hang with the big boys!  Today, he’s facing muscleboy Jake on the mats – and Jake likes to make an impact!

Blayne starts out in tiny trunks, stretching his legs and limbering up for the match.  Blayne brags about his physique, prompting Jake (wearing blue trunks) to crunch down his eight-pack, giving Blayne a show!  Blayne is visibly intimidated as he grudgingly admits he “has a way to go”.  Is Jake playing a mind game to make Blayne doubt himself and revert back to his jobber ways?  Jake goes through his posing routine, flexing and bulging EVERYWHERE for the camera – and, of course, for Blayne!  The Theunder’s veteran looks on as Jake spreads his lats, his back flaring out like a cobra – not to mention is rock-hard pecs!  Blayne gets in on the posing, but Jake is unimpressed and pays Blayne little attention.  Blayne decides to take advantage and slugs Jake in the abs. BOOM!  Blayne might as well have punched a stone wall!  Jake is utterly unfazed as Blayne cradles his hand in pain.

Blayne goes in again, this time for a lock-up.  Jake goes low, lifting Blayne up and slamming him down HARD!  “Damn,” says Blayne. “Zero to a hundred!”  Jake is all over Blayne – chokes, slams, pins, Blayne can barely mount a defence!  “Yeah, this is MY kingdom!” proclaims the muscleboy.  Blayne gets fired up at that, charging in and scooping up Jake for a slam of his own!  Jake is prone on the mat as Blayne grabs those huge pecs and claws them for all he’s worth – but Blayne’s fingers can’t break through the dense, thick muscle!  Blayne realises he’s going to have to change his game up if he’s to have any chance of beating this muscle stud!

Another lock-up and Blayne manages to get the advantage, taking Jake to the mat.  Blayne plants his foot on the musclehunk, posing over him as if to say “Yeah, two can play that game!”  Blayne is taken with Jake’s legs, admiring his quads.  Jake obligingly flexes them, giving Blayne another opening, which he’s only too happy to accept!  Jake finds himself suspended upside down with Blayne tearing his big legs apart!  Jake is in trouble as Blayne sets him down and pulls him up into modified Camel Clutch, Jake’s arms trapped between his back and Blayne’s chest!  That’s gotta hurt!  Blayne lets him go and walks away, turning his back on the bodybuilder.  Blayne turns around to continue the beatdown – and walks right into a massive chokelift!  Jake, who’s trunks have long since given up trying to contain his muscular glutes, takes Blayne to the mat, pouring all his muscle and strength into choking the veteran!  But Blayne survives and responds with a low-blow, followed by a VICE-LIKE HEADSCISSOR!  Jake is in serious trouble as Blayne starts working on that brick wall, laying blow after blow into Jake’s abs.  The bodybuilder turns the tables and manages to slap a GRAPEVINE on the veteran, then a headscissor of his own!  What started out as pretty friendly is turning into a grudge match!  Both of these guys unleash hell on each other, both eager to prove that they have what it takes to win!  Can Blayne claim a victory over the bodybuilder?  Or will Jake’s muscle prove too much to handle?  Chokes, cradles, a brutal Boston Crab and more – including an intensely up close & personal reverse figure-four headscissor from Jake!  An epic battle you definitely won’t want to miss!