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Blayne vs Joey King - Ring Wars 41

Blayne vs Joey King - Ring Wars 41

$ 25.95
$ 31.59

Pro-Wrestler Joey King is back to take on fan favorite Blayne, on Joey’s home turf – in the Ring!

Joey King looks the business in lightning trunks, boots and kneepads, looking every inch the professional superstar that he is!  In contrast, Blayne is barefoot in purple trunks, looking incredible but oh-so-vulnerable!  Joey is all grins as the two men circle each other before locking up.  Joey shows off his strength straight away, propelling Blayne to the ropes and clotheslining him to the canvas as he bounces back!  Joey goes for the big guns, slapping on a Camel Clutch and raining blows down on Blayne’s pecs!  Joey just unloads on Blayne, attacking his back and abs.  Blayne finds himself manhandled and slammed repeatedly into the turnbuckle!  A seated Full Nelson has Blayne in trouble as Joey demands that he acknowledge him as ‘the King’.  “Seems more like a princess to me!”  Wow, Blayne really should learn when to keep his mouth shut!  “You’re gonna pay for that” Joey promises the hapless superstar, before stomping on his abs again and again!  The ring shakes with the impact!  Blayne is stretched out and put on display as Joey bends him like a pretzel!  Blayne cries out in agony as Joey amps things up with a painful claw hold!  Joey shoves Blayne through the ropes, stretching him back over the top rope and unloading on Blayne’s impressive chest!  Then an INCREDIBLE, perfectly-executed Boston Crab finally has Blayne submitting!

Blayne tries to recover, but Joey isn’t done as he slaps on a Stronghold Boston Crab variant!  Blayne is utterly trapped with no choice but to give again!  Joey wraps his powerful arms around Blayne, hoisting him up into a RIB-CRUSHING bearhug!  A textbook sleeper hold from Joey has Blayne out cold!  Is that the end of the match?  Oh, hell no!  Joey King has the mother of all beatings planned for Blayne!  Clotheslines, multiple suplexes, stomps, devastating forearm blows, full nelson, rope chokes more pec pounding and the ULTIMATE BEARHUG HUMILIATION!!!  And Joey King STILL isn’t done!

This is a non-stop, fast paced and action packed match that doesn’t let up!  Can Blayne mount a defense against ‘The King’?  Will Joey give Blayne a chance to recover from his relentless attack?  Can Blayne survive Joey’s DEVASTATING finisher?  Do yourself a favor and add this INTENSE ring match to your collection today – it is definitely not one to be missed!