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Tase putting Blayne into a camel clutch at Thunders Arena Wrestling.

Blayne vs Kasee - No Holds Barred 135

$ 22.22
$ 25.00

Kasee and Blayne stand face to face each sizing up their competition. "What you doing in my ring?" asks Blayne. "I'm coming to take your place cobwebs." mocks Kasee. The seasoned vet lets the name calling go, and both muscle hunks shake hand introducing themselves. "I'm gonna show you what experience brings to the table!" declares Blayne. They tie up. Blayne quickly circles behind Kasee lifting him in a massive rear bearhug, "You're pretty lite too, Kasee the featherweight! The muscle stud groans in pain as Blayne transitions to an arm-breaking hammerlock clubbing Kasee down to the mat. "I will admit young guys do have the abs!" The older vet gets a quick ab worship in before GUT PUNCHING his victim. "It felt so good!" moans Kasee. Blayne wants to teach his younger protege a lesson and responds with a dirty trick transitioning to a leg-breaking Boston crab! Kasee struggles to his feet brushing Blayne's "cobwebs" off his body. The seasoned vet is not impressed, "Young buck here, I'm gonna make you red from top to bottom!" Kasee grins, "I like red!" and charges in trapping the muscle stud in a tight full nelson worshipping his furry abs. The young buck takes cobwebs down to the mat and tries for a cradle but is thrown off. Blayne stumbles to his feet catching his breath, "Ok, you're fast!" The muscle hunk surprises Kasee lifting him in an UPSIDE DOWN belly to back bearhug then spins around before dropping him to the mat knocking him out! The young vet wakes up to Blayne worshipping his beefy chest, "Damn you're meaty!" Playtime is over! The muscle stud wraps his quads around Kasee in a SKULL-CRUSHING head scissors, "Let's see if I can put him out!" Kasee strains but is able to escape, "I'm coming to take your place!" Blayne laughs at the young buck's persistence, "I forgot your name!" "Let me remind you cobwebs!" Blayne delivers a vicious over the knee back breaker and worships Kasee's chest and abs before delivering a DOUBLE PEC CLAW! The young buck howls in pain but is able to trip Blayne to the mat and locks in a crippling camel clutch! Blayne is in agony as he crumbles to the mat. "That's that new blood!" The seasoned vet begins his revenge with a camel clutch, leg drop, gut punches, and a back breaker/ab stretch combo! Kasee is suffering but recovers with a dirty trick and wraps his bicep around Blayne's neck for a sleeper! "That's power right there!" The muscle hunk struggles to breath; his muscular frame slumps as he passes out. Kasee worships his victim's furry chest and abs before waking him up. Blayne is pissed and unleashes: dirty tricks, snapmare takedown, a devastating DRAGON SLEEPER! "My first trophy of December!" The muscle hunk punches Kasee awake with his own fists, "Remember me? It's cobwebs!" The match turns up the heat: ball and chain, sleepers, torture rack, back breakers, and loads of muscle worship and dirty tricks. Fans of No Holds Barred, you will definitely want to add this to your collection!