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body builder in a choke lift

Blayne vs Kasee - No Holds Barred 142

$ 31.25

"I remember you!" Blayne confronts his rival Kasee flashing back to their prior match. "Do you remember what happened, was it cobwebs?" The young buck dusts off the old vet's shoulders like he did before setting him off! Blayne kicks Kasee's gut doubling him over in pain, throws him against the wall, and UNLOADS with punches and knees to his abs! "You got me just a little bit!" Blayne begins his revenge attack. A tight full nelson, DOUBLE PEC CLAW, and dirty trick has Kasee screaming in pain! "Ready for one of my favorite moves!" The older vet picks up the young buck dropping him into an over-the-knee BACK BREAKER and gut punches his abs! Kasee crumbles to the mat barely able to move when he's picked up by his legs, SPUN AROUND in the air, and dropped down almost knocking him out! "You need a little stretch out!" A crippling camel clutch, hammerlock/head scissors combo, and brutal ab claw have Kasee coughing gasping for air! "I'm sorry!" "You're sorry?" Blayne lifts his victim on his shoulders in a massive fireman's carry and does JUMP SQUATS! The young buck groans in pain as his abs are being obliterated! "That didn't feel good!" Blayne slams his victim down as he begs for mercy. "Wanna see one of my favorite drops?" A HEADBUTT to the groin has Kasee howling in pain! "I'm sorry!" The seasoned vet forced his victim to his feet picking him up in an UPSIDE DOWN BEARHUG, "Front row seat to your pain!" He delivers another dirty trick as Kasee screams helpless in his arms! "Payback shouldn't be this easy. I wonder how much more you got left?" The young stud recovers delivering a crushing LOW BLOW as Blayne falls to his knees, "Where's this coming from?" Kasee throws the old vet against the wall, punches his abs, and delivers a dirty trick of his own as he gasps for air! "Look at this young muscle, this is replacing you!" The muscle stud flexes a double bicep as Blayne worships his abs, "Not bad, but guess what?" A HEADBUTT to the groin and head takes Kasee down to the mat! The battle continues: back breakers, pec claws, gut punches, crushing head scissors, a brutal CHOKESLAM! Will Blayne finally get his revenge?