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Bear hug Thunders Arena

Blayne vs Ludwig - Ring Wars 49

$ 30.00

Ludwig returns to take on Fan-Favourite Blayne in a Ring Match!

“I just don’t want you to breathe anymore!”

Blayne is looking pumped and ready in the ring, decked out in tiny (!) trunks.  Ludwig is next to him, looking huge and bulging in his blue trunks.  “What’s your name?” asks Blayne.  “My name is SIR Ludwig!”  Fighting talk already from the confident bodybuilder!  Ludwig flexes and poses his impressive physique – Blayne is impressed, then fires a cheap shot kick into Ludwig’s abs, sending the muscleman down to the canvas!  Ludwig then finds himself hauled over Blayne’ shoulders.  “Put me down!” begs the bodybuilder.  Be careful what you wish for Ludwig – Blayne SLAMS Ludwig back down HARD!  Blayne wraps his muscular legs around Ludwig, pumping them in a crushing bodyscissor!  Blayne is in the zone!  Blayne is all over the big man, clamping on a rear bearhug, then taking Ludwig down for a leg-split ball claw!  Ludwig was definitely not expecting this!  Ludwig manages to whip Blayne into the ropes for a decapitating Clothesline, but Blayne fires a low blow into Ludwig’s balls, stopping the muscleman’s momentum in its tracks!  Boston Crab on the bodybuilder!

Blayne ships Ludwig into the corner, following up with blows and knee lifts to the abs – and a Bucking Bronco Ride!  But Ludwig isn’t done – he recovers as Blayne takes a moment to flex and pose, giving Ludwig the chance to shove him to the canvas and haul him up for a backbreaker!  Ludwig slaps on a revenge Boston Crab, pulling back on Blayne’s legs.  Blayne escapes and levels the playing field with a HEADBUTT to Ludwig’s balls!  Wow!  Blayne is completely fired up!  Ludwig is under constant attack with elbow drops, nelsons, rope chokes and pec stretches.  Butt lovers will be in heaven as Ludwig’s trunks struggle to contain his mountainous glutes!  Blayne is relentless, absolutely unloading his full arsenal against the musclehunk – Dark Blayne is definitely in charge today!  Ball shots, mutual bearhugs, pec claws, hamstring blows, leg drops and so much more!

Ludwig turns the tables again, trapping Blayne in the corner with his legs draped over the middle rope before absolutely beating down on him with vengeful fury!  But Blayne again resorts to a low blow to bring the big man back down!  Standing headscissors!  Ludwig suffers as Blayne flexes for the camera, his inner Heel in full control!  And there’s so much more!

Can Ludwig come back against this new, darker version of Blayne?  Or will Blayne’s newfound confidence and persona be too much for the bulging bodybuilder to handle?  Either way, this is a match you won’t want to miss!