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Blayne vs Mack - Ring Wars 51

Blayne vs Mack - Ring Wars 51

$ 34.75

“I love fresh meat!”

So starts one of the most total, complete and utterly merciless beatdowns we have ever filmed!  No sooner has Blayne uttered those words, than Mack fires a swift kick into the veteran’s midsection, doubling him over and giving him a small taste of what’s to come!  Mack beats down on Blayne’s back, pummelling him to the canvas.  “I don’t even know who you are!” says Blayne.  “You’re about to find out!”  Mack wrenches Blayne’s arm behind his back before clamping on a seriously tight headlock – Blayne hasn’t even got out of his shorts yet!  Mack resumes his attack on Blayne’s arm with hammer locks and an arm bar!  Blayne manages to twist out, but his reprieve is short lived – Mack stomps hard on Blayne’s abs, once, twice, THREE times!  Blayne can take a beating, but this is taking things to the extreme!  Mack grabs the back of Blayne’s head, yanking him face first down into the canvas!  Not giving Blayne a second to recover from the brutal move, Mack follows up straight away with a rear choke hold!

Mack is only just beginning as he again goes after Blayne’s arms and shoulders with hammers, hand slams to the canvas, knee drops and stomps to the biceps!  Mack decides to switch things up a bit, wrapping his POWERFUL legs around Blayne for a rib-bending bodyscissor!  Blayne is trapped and forced to endure the agony as Mack just pours it on, threatening to tear Blayne’s arm off!  Mack’s ripped torso glistens with sweat as he drives another kick into Blayne’s abs.  Blayne rallys, lifting Mack up, but it’s short-lived – Mack strips Blayne of his shorts then wrenches his shoulder!  Mack starts to list the body parts he’s attacking, humiliating Blayne with the knowledge of what’s coming.  Blayne finds himself draped, throat-first, over the middle rope – he is in serious trouble here!  Mack is relentless, intent on destroying the fan-favourite.  Mack puts Blayne out with a sleeper, only to wake him back up with more pain!  Mack is that dangerous combination of methodical and sadistic, taking obvious pleasure in utterly destroying Blayne, piece by piece!

How much of this can Blayne take?  Mack refuses to let up, even for a second – you have to wonder if Blayne did something to offend!  Can Blayne mount any defense?  Or is Mack just too relentless, too merciless and too focussed?  Will Blayne survive this savage beatdown?  Get it today to see for yourself!