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Mack puts Blayne into a body scissors on Thunders Arena Wrestling.

Blayne vs Mack - Vegas Battles 30

$ 25.95
$ 31.59

Big vs Little 6'6 Mac vs 5'7" Blayne at 155 lbs while Mac is a solid 250 lbs.  

This is a gut punching extravaganza!  Mac decided that he had had enough of the pretty boy Blayne and really wanted to PUNISH his abs!  Hurt him, make him submit.  This is real gut punching guys!  So real we used a slow motion video capture system to show you the intense impacts of certain hits!  This is by far some of the most advanced camera work we have ever used to capture the pain and intensity of gut punching and bring it a whole new level!  Blayne didn't eat dinner that night after filming of the match his abs were so abused and sore.  He took one for the team and the fans, you gotta see it to believe it!