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Blayne vs Mystery Man in Halloween Havoc 2018

$ 28.88
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Halloween Havoc 2018 (Thunder's Arena)

Masks hide faces, of course, but they often bring bodies into sharper focus. The Mystery Man in the first tale is smooth and sumptuous,  the kind of masked man just about anyone would welcome as a Halloween treat. In a rainbow mask, Blayne worships the Mystery Man's physique, gently caressing the unyielding bumps and curves. He is kneeling and embracing the man's leg, resting the side of his head up against it when suddenly the muscle-hunk shoves him away. "Get off me," the man orders, but then immediately admits to liking the physical attention. Sensing the man's ambivalence, Blayne draws near again, at which point the Mystery Man grabs him by the neck and forces his face to the wrestling mat.
"I just want to touch you," Blayne pleads. But the Mystery Man craves rougher body contact. He grips Blayne in a rear naked choke and puts him to sleep. As Blayne lies unconscious at his feet, the Mystery Man strikes poses for the camera. He then nudges Blayne back to consciousness. Blayne's initial impulse is to further satisfy his craving for the touch of the man's taut and silky flesh. Mystery Man declares that his worshiper has not yet learned his lesson and again puts him to sleep, this time removing Blayne's mask. His curiosity satisfied, he poses some more and then rouses Blayne to consciousness with a slap on the butt.
Blayne is shocked to see he has been unmasked. He accuses the Mystery Man of reneging on their deal - to maintain their anonymity throughout  the tryst. Now he attempts to unmask Mystery Man, but he's quickly and easily subdued  ... and just as quickly released, mainly because Mystery Man wants to fight. The match consumes most of the remainder of the video, and Blayne puts up a bigger offense than his incognito buddy expected. Does Blayne discover the stranger's true identity?  Does the revelation lead to an even sweatier battle and ultimately asphyxiation by a bare foot to the throat?"