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Blayne vs Scrappy - Ring Wars 43

Blayne vs Scrappy - Ring Wars 43

$ 25.95
$ 31.59

“If it isn’t my nemesis…”

Blayne is warming up in the ring, looking tanned and ripped in purple trunks.  Enter his opponent, none other than Scrappy who is more pumped and sculpted than ever!  The two exchange barbs before locking up - Scrappy thinks this will go like their previous encounters, but he’s taken by surprise when Blayne goes low and hoists Scrappy up over his shoulder before slamming him down!  They lock up again, this time with Scrappy getting behind Blayne and clamping on a rear bearhug – “I always love bearhugging the s**t out of you, squeezing those little abs!”  Fighting words from Scrappy!  But Blayne takes the pain and manages to prise Scrappy’s hands apart!  Blayne whirls behind Scrappy, grabbing his arms and hammering them far up Scrappy’s back!  Scrappy finds himself on the defensive as Blayne pushes him into the corner, unloading on the musclestud with kicks and blows to Scrappy’s abs.  Suddenly, Scrappy charges out of the corner, barrelling into Blayne and knocking him to the canvas!  Scrappy is furious and wastes no time in slapping on a POWERFUL headscissor with added PEC CLAWS for extra punishment!  Blayne screams in agony as Scrappy’s fingers dig hard into Blayne’s chest, but he’s not ready to give! Instead, he manages to roll over, escaping Scrappy’s scissors.  Now it’s payback time as Blayne repays Scrappy, and then some, as he grabs both of Scrappy’s nipples and twists them HARD!  Scrappy yells out in pain as Blayne revels in the dirty move – this is a new side to Blayne.

But Scrappy is no slouch in the ring – he lifts Blayne up over his shoulders, ramming his impressive delts into Blayne’s abs.  Blayne is helpless as Scrappy manhandles him into the corner of the ring and starts to drill fists into Blayne’s abs, further inflicting damage!  Scrappy follows up with a full nelson – but this is a new Blayne.  Suddenly Scrappy’s look of confidence turns to one of utter agony as Blayne attacks his balls!  Scrappy crumples to the canvas, but Blayne doesn’t stop there – he stomps Scrappy again and again before executing a devastating PILEDRIVER!!  Blayne resumes his attack on Scrappy’s balls – “If you ain’t cheatin’, you ain’t tryin’”  Scrappy fires a low blow of his own before grinding his heel on Blayne’s balls – this is getting nasty!  Scrappy slaps on another headscissor, his quads flaring as he crushes Blayne’s head.  But Blayne again resorts to dirty moves!

Scissor holds, pins, slams, clotheslines, chops, kicks, bearhugs and more!  Mutual ball claws!  A standing dropkick from Blayne!!  These two definitely know how to beatdown on each other!  The match goes back and forth until Blayne suddenly reveals the real reason for this match – revenge!  Blayne starts to see red as he grabs a chair and absolutely unleashes all his frustrations and anger on Scrappy’s body – all the defeats, the humiliations, the trash talk, all of it!  This is a Blayne we have NEVER seen before!  You definitely don’t want to miss this one – and this feud is far from over!