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Blayne vs Slash - Ring Wars 45

Blayne vs Slash - Ring Wars 45

$ 22.22
$ 25.00

Bodybuilder Slash is back and taking on Blayne in the ring!  There is clearly no love lost between these guys – no fanfare, little trash talk, both itching to lock up and get going!  Blayne gets the first advantage and takes Slash down to the canvas, but the muscled Thunder’s veteran flips Blayne over, pinning him on his back, clubbing his head with forearm blows and ramming his head hard into the floor of the ring!  Slash is brutalising Blayne, but it’s early days yet!  Blayne uses his leg strength to shove Slash off of him before dragging him up and whipping into the ropes for a rebound clothesline that sends Slash crashing down!  Blayne follows up with an ELBOW DROP to Slash’s back!  Blayne is feeling strong and confident – until Slash fires a hard low blow into the unsuspecting Blayne!  Slash capitalises, stomping on Blayne’s balls over and over again!  Slash goes for Blayne’s back, attacking with stomps and an elbow drop of his own, before hooking Blayne’s leg for a pin!  Blayne desperately grabs for Slash’s balls, forcing the bodybuilder to release the pin.  Blayne gets behind Slash, wrapping his arm around his neck for a sleeper hold!  Slash manages to throw Blayne forward over his shoulder, before dropping a HARD elbow to Blayne’s balls!  The fan-favourite writhes in agony as Slash follows up with more stomps and a nasty Boston Crab!  Blayne manages to escape and roll away, but Slash follows - Blayne desperately fires upwards, landing a blow to Slash’s trunks!  This time Slash tries to recover as Blayne stalks him and slaps on a standing head scissor.  Blayne flexes for the camera – BIG MISTAKE!  Slash capitalises on Blayne’s lack of concentration, destabilising him and sending Blayne face-first to the canvas!  Blayne clutches his face, giving Slash an opening to slap on a painful grapevine, adding bodysplashes for good measure!  Slash is all over Blayne, with both blows and holds – it’s all Blayne can do to stay conscious!

Crotch attacks, splits, ball claws, sleeper holds and more!  A sleeper has Blayne flagging, but Slash isn’t done yet!  He whips Blayne around before RAMMING him into the turnbuckle!  Now trapped in the corner, Slash unloads with ball claws and a DEVASTATINGLY effective backbreaker – the Blayne finds himself caught in Slash’s powerful quads!  Blayne is in trouble as Slash unloads on him – it is clear that Slash has a problem with Blayne – he’s not only out to win, but out to punish!  Splits, stomps, camel clutch, butt drops, even a DDT – Blayne is in serious trouble, but there’s a long way to go yet!

This is the most brutal we have seen Slash – but will it be enough to put Blayne away?  We’ve seen Blayne come back from the edge of defeat before – can he do it again here and hand the bodybuilder a defeat?  Get this match today to see for yourself!