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Blayne puts Viking in a body scissors at Thunders Arena Wrestling

Blayne vs Viking - Custom Video Series 77

$ 25.95
$ 31.25

Viking and Blayne are sitting around with a deck of cards drinking some beers.They're sick of playing blackjack and decide to play Knockout Card. Each guy draws a card that represents the hold they have to use for a submission, and the number of submissions or knockouts they have to get to win.
Blayne: "Odd cards are arm-bars, even cards are sleepers, and facecards are bearhugs."
Viking: "So, how many holds if you draw a face card?"
Blayne: "Let's say ace is one, jack is two, queen is three and king is four.”
Viking draws a jack. "So...I just have to get you to submit twice using a bearhug?"
Blayne: "Yep. Not that it's gonna happen."
Viking draws a 4. "Looks like sleepers."
Blayne: "So I'll win as soon as I sleeper you out four times. We should still have time to make a liquor run to help wake you up.
Viking: "Dude, it would take you four years to put me out four times."
Blayne: "Let's go."
Viking destroys Blayne at the start, bear hugging Blayne until he submits.
Viking: "We're gonna be done here in a minute. Why don't I order some pizza now?"
Blayne is out of it. He crawls over to Viking and has to use Viking's legs and torso to pull himself up. Before he's even upright, he gets his arm around Viking's neck and pulls him down for a sleeper from behind.
Viking won't submit, but slowly goes out. Once Viking is out on the mat, Blayne lifts his arms to count him out.
"That's one down..."
Blayne hoists Viking up, pulls singlet straps down over arms, punches torso and upper arms, then sleepers Viking from behind.
After Viking is "out" but before Blayne lets go of him, Blayne pulls down the straps, and lifts each arm to test whether Viking can involuntarily "flex"
After Viking goes down: Schoolboy pin. "That's two."
Slaps Viking awake. Leg scissors with pec claws and punches.
A 3rd sleeper from behind, this one lasts awhile--Viking won't submit but goes out.
Blayne counts the "pin" by doing pushups over Viking's chest.
"That's three." Blayne slaps him awake.
With only one sleeper to go, will Blayne come out victorious!?