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Thunders wrestling Sleeper hold choking muscles hot guys with facial hair

Blayne vs Wildcard - Mat Wars 88

$ 18.00
$ 31.25

Don't mess with a man's protein shake! Fans of sleeper holds will LOVE this match!! It begins with one of the STRONGEST head scissors in Thunder's history! Wildcard has his tree trunk quads wrapped around the front of Blayne's head. The 240lbs thick bodybuilder clearly has the weight advantage against 170lbs Blayne. Blayne has full view of Wildcard's package, and his head is BEING CRUSHED! The muscle giant releases the hold and locks in a reverse head scissors, while punching Blayne's rock hard abs and elbow dropping his legs! Blayne is then choked out by Wildcard's massive legs! Wildcard wakes Blayne up by putting him in a body scissors/sleeper hold. The reason for the match is now found out. Blayne put refined sugar in Wildcard's protein shake. Because sugar makes you retain water, it doesn't help Wildcard's physique. He puts Blayne in another sleeper hold, and Blayne apologizes saying he won't do it again. This isn't good enough for Wildcard, and he locks in another head scissors. He repeatedly punches Blayne's abs and slams him to the mat with his head scissors locked in! Blayne is put to sleep again in Wildcard's MASSIVE thighs! Blayne wakes up and low blows Wildcard. He gut punches, elbow drops, and puts the giant in a sleeper hold of his own. Wildcard is TOO POWERFUL and just laughs at Blayne. Blayne tries punching Wildcard's abs with 2 fists, but nothing works! Wildcard goes for another rear head scissors, and DEMANDS a tap out! Blayne is totally powerless in Wildcard's quads and passes out! Blayne wakes up and applies a head scissors of his own. Wildcard is feeling the pain for the first time. Blayne tries to put him in a standing head scissors, but Wildcard lifts him off the ground and slams him to the mat. Wildcard locks in a VICIOUS full nelson mocking Blayne's baby abs! He puts Blayne in another sleeper hold demanding a tap out, beg for mercy, or admit Wildcard is the best. Blayne picks none of the above, and is counting sheep again!! Wildcard wakes Blayne up by choking him with 2 hands. He repeatedly elbow drops then puts Blayne in another sleeper hold. Wildcard wants a full submission, but Blayne is fighting it refusing to give up. Will Wildcard get the final tap out he's wanted, or will Blayne come back for the win? Buy this match to find out!