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Blayne vs Wildcard - Mat Wars 88

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This match starts how they usually do when Blayne's involved, trash talk. Wildcard seems like he's not in the mood, because its not long before they grapple, wildcard scoops Blayne up into a bear hug almost instantly, and spins him around and around before tossing him on the ground, he tells Blayne that was his warm up, Wildcard seems confident today! They grapple again this time Blayne trips Wildcard up, but before he can do anything, Wildcard flips Blayne over him. They grapple again and Blayne gets wildcard in a bearhug, but Wildcard is just to big for Blayne, he can barely fit his arms around him. Wildcard gets out no problem. When they grapple again, Wildcard drops Blayne and drags him around, Blayne wants payback for that, he kicks wildcards abs and makes him topple over. But it wasn't a good move Wildcard drags Blayne down to the ground with him. He releases Blayne from the pin and flexes for the camera. But while he was distracted Blayne grabs his arm for an around the world and makes sure his arm is pinned nice and tight before throwing him on the ground and trying to sit on him for a pin. But wildcard is just to big and flips him right over, he sits on Blayne and starts humiliating him, pinching his nipples. See if Blayne can get revenge, or if Wildcard beats him to submission!