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BlueRing vs Silas - No Holds Barred 229

$ 34.75

Introducing - BlueRing - 6 ft. 155 lbs.

BlueRing leaps at Silas right off the jump! Silas catches BlueRing mid air and lifts him over his shoulders! Silas takes the rookie to the mat and wraps his powerful legs around his torso. As Silas squeezes BlueRing fights to break free. BlueRing climbs on top of Silas in a schoolboy pin humiliating the crafty Silas. He wraps Silas in a figure four and Silas begins to pass out!

Taking out Silas will not be that easy for a rookie and Silas breaks free. He wraps BlueRing in a vicious chest to chest bearhug trapping the rookie in the painful hold! A back and forth battle of dirty moves and dirty talk begin. Rookie BlueRing definitely has some wrestling skills showing Silas plenty of classic mat wrestling! But can he hold his own against Silas using all of these moves:

  • Side Headlocks
  • Schoolboy Pins
  • Bearhugs
  • Headscissors
  • LOTS of Dirty Moves

Silas wears the rookie down and starts to get very cocky! "You fucked up getting on the mat with me!" Silas begins to degrade the rookie. Pinning him multiple times, pulling his hair, and submitting him repeatedly! The rookie BlueRing learns a valuable lesson that if you want to fight dirty against the studs at Thunders, you better be ready to take a beating!