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BlueRing vs Smoke - Vault 16

$ 34.75

BlueRing - 6 ft. 155 lbs. vs Smoke - 5'10" 165 lbs

Smoke smothers BlueRing up in a belly to belly bearhug right off the bat! BlueRing fights getting Smoke on the mat and the action is on! Both shredded muscle studs counter their opponents moves until BlueRing finds himself on top of Smoke! Smoke wraps his quads around BlueRings body and squeezes forcing BlueRing let up. Smoke uses his power to control BlueRing smashing him into the mat over and over! BlueRing resorts to fighting dirty with a ball claw to get Smoke off him! 

BlueRing mounts Smoke in a schoolboy pin and wraps his hands slowly around Smoke's throat! On the verge of passing out, Smoke kicks out and the back and forth action starts again! Both studs us counter after counter with an ample amount of trash talk to weaken their opponent physically and mentally! Neither rookie wants to back down with ball claws and spankings being used to even the playing field! 

An unconventional ending has the screen filled with heavy breathing and sweaty muscles! Don't miss out on this match!